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Winter Workshops at SMFA at Tufts

Check out our Winter Workshops, enrolling now for January at SMFA at Tufts at our Boston SMFA Campus

Featured Winter Workshops

Visualizing Information

Jan 6, 2020 - Jan 8, 2020

Monday, Wednesday 6-9:30pm

Boston SMFA Campus

Information design reveals the connections between seemingly unrelated items, events, people, processes, and conditions. This two-night workshop begins by exploring the principles behind good info-graphics and then puts those principles to work creatively through a short design project that communicates — and deepens — our understanding of the world around us.


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Landscape Painting

Jan 7, 2020 

Tuesday - 10am - 5pm

Boston SMFA Campus

Landscape painting is an innately pluralist exercise: it presents us with a range of possible approaches and perspectives by which to analyze not only places, but also their contexts. In this class, we will explore the landscape as a means of expressing our contemporary world via realism, metaphor and abstraction. You will have the opportunity to learn the groundwork for a successful landscape painting and the freedom to build on this throughout the semester.

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Portrait Drawing

January 10, 2020

Friday, 9am -12pm

Boston SMFA Campus

The portrait is essential to virtually every form of fine art, from painting and sculpture to video and photography. Portraiture tells us about a particular individual while revealing something universal. In this workshop you will learn technical, organizational, spiritual and philosophical skills basic to any work of art.

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