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Tufts announces fall 2020 semester plans.

Explore. Prepare. Achieve.

Summer Session II - Now Enrolling

Summer Session II 2020 Virtual Campus is now open!

Courses Schedule : June 30 - August 7


My son got to experience college-level studies and environment -- he was the only high school student in his class and that was a good thing. He operated independently was not in a "camp" for high school students.

The small class size provided my child opportunity to take risks that are not easy to do in a larger classroom of 20+ students in the public school, e.g., actively participating in discussions - sharing and testing out her thoughts and knowledge with a group. The expertise of the instructor was also appreciated and his respectful treatment of the intelligence of his students well noted. Being in a college campus that felt new or different and yet familiar provided much excitement and assurance to my child. The campus also does not feel isolated from the community, and yet provides spatial and emotional security through its landscape, location, and its ever-present-yet-unobtrusive security force

[My student] was very engaged and self-directed while taking the course.  She was always excited to attend the classes.  While she is normally a very good student she seemed to be more enthusiastic about this course than any other.

I like the freedom and the fact that this felt a lot like college… Additionally, I was really fond of my classes and my professor. The classes were amazing and it was a new and better learning experience for me

It is a complete introduction to college life… You enjoy every bit of time, you are free and helped by everyone around you, nothing is competitive you seem to grow in a peaceful environment.