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  • For students seeking the full academic experience, Tufts offers hundreds of courses for credit. Take a course, receive a grade, and apply credits towards a degree or certificate.
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  • Tufts offers the opportunity to audit courses for students who want to enjoy learning without a grade.
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  • Get quick skills under your belt or onto your resume or explore a topic in a condensed period of time.
  • Ranging anywhere from a few hours to multi-week sessions, workshops and short courses allow students to briefly expore into a specific topic or subject.

Courses for High Schoolers

  • Qualified high school students are welcome to take courses at Tufts every term.
  • Earn college credit and experience college life and academics

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Making Change: How to Design Public Policies That Work


Carlos Alvarado-Quesada | May 6, 2024 - Jul 10, 2024

Policy design is a powerful tool to create positive social change at scale. Let's examine how public policies are designed, implemented, and evaluated, so you can build a robust framework to create effective policies for your community. Enjoy in-depth discussion with Professor Alvarado during two live webinars, while also learning at your own pace and taking the time to build your skills in policymaking.

In this course, you will learn the key tools of policy design and learn how to think about key elements of the policy design process, from identifying problems and causes, to stakeholder engagement, developing evidence-based recommendations, and evaluating policy solutions to account for stakeholder diversity. 

We will then see these frameworks in action, as we examine real-world case studies of policies that tackled critical and urgent challenges: climate, health, technology, finance, and poverty. Professor Alvarado will share his experiences leading Costa Rica's national decarbonization initiative, as well as several cases of transformational policies from around the world. 

Adobe Photoshop: Introduction


Christopher Previte | Virtual | Jul 2, 2024 - Aug 8, 2024

This course is designed for creating and developing Pixel-based art in concert with Adobe Photoshop. We will compare manipulations and effects through experimentation with selecting, refining, and typography tools. Distinguishing between blending and masking while making use of layers to organize and manipulate the artwork, you will acquire a foundation in the software based on experience.  Course Projects will guide you in creating, assessing, and modifying digital imagery.

Basic Enrollment Requirements: None.

Human Nutrition


Diane McKay | Virtual | May 22, 2024 - Jun 28, 2024

To provide an understanding of basic nutrition science to non-science majors and students with a limited scientific background.  Students will become familiar with: the principles of diet planning, government standards, and food labeling; the biological functions and food sources of each nutrient; energy balance, weight management, and physical activity; the role of nutrition in chronic disease development; nutrition throughout the life cycle; food safety issues; and current nutrition-related controversies.  This course meets the science requirement for undergraduate non-science majors. It is not acceptable for biology credit for biology majors.

Leadership in the Age of Technology


Will Trevor | Virtual | May 22, 2024 - Jun 26, 2024

Theory and practice of leadership in the Age of Technology. Necessity for leaders to confront change and embrace the technologies in a world that is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. Human-centered soft skills to lead teams that are increasingly remote and global. Hard skills to plan and organize. Navigation of ethical and moral dilemmas inherent in balancing the needs of people, planet, and profit.



Hear from our Students


"Through University College, I was able to sample engineering and project management classes. My great experiences in these early classes proved that I should go for a full degree, and I’m now enrolled in the two-year Master of Science in Engineering Management program.”

Sally B. - Tufts University Employee & Student, 2021

Robert Siegelman's approach of confidence, play and experimentation is exactly what I need right now. Helping me lean into my own ideas, and also stretch my awareness both through seeing a huge variety of work and by communicating with the other students in the class. His stressing a daily practice is also life changing.

Mixed Media Drawing - Student, 2020

"As a veteran teacher looking for quality and affordable professional development, I could not have found a better option than this course at Tufts. This class provided teachers with a plethora of resources to be used in our classrooms, challenged teachers to think about their practice and materials, and created an atmosphere of collegiality and collaboration among professional educators. Thank you very much for this opportunity, I hope to return again next summer!"

Summer Session Student, 2022

I have been a CE student at SMFA since January 2016, when I first enrolled in Elaine Spatz-Rabinowitz’s class. I chose her Intermediate to Advanced Abstract Painting class, and each semester that I have studied with Elaine has been remarkable. Elaine is simply brilliant — a great artist, a gifted and experienced teacher, and a remarkable person. I am deeply grateful and look forward to continued study in this class.

SMFA Painting Student, 2022



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