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For Credit

  • For students seeking the full academic experience, Tufts offers hundreds of courses for credit. Take a course, receive a grade, and apply credits towards a degree or certificate.
  • Tufts degree students login to SIS to register


  • Tufts offers the opportunity to audit courses for students who want to enjoy learning without a grade.
  • Sit in on a class, participate, and explore a new passion, or preview material for future academic endeavors.

Workshop / Short Courses

  • Get quick skills under your belt or onto your resume or explore a topic in a condensed period of time.
  • Ranging anywhere from a few hours to multi-week sessions, workshops and short courses allow students to briefly expore into a specific topic or subject.

Courses for High Schoolers

  • Qualified high school students are welcome to take courses at Tufts every term.
  • Earn college credit and experience college life and academics

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The Portrait: Face and Figure


Patrick Carter | In Person

The portrait tells us about a particular individual while revealing something universal. This workshop is designed to accommodate all levels of experience with options to explore based on individual sensibilities. The only requisites are to be “willing” and to possess personal curiosity (“The constant happiness is curiosity.” –Alice Munro).

Our focus on the face and individual characteristics (the general proportions, structure, and design of the face) will be combined with possibilities of the body presence (the totality of the person; how they sit, hold their hands, etc.). We will consider numerous design choices to make the portrait a more compelling work of art. An important element within the studio is always the process of trial and error, experimentation, and critical observation beyond the “symbol”.

This course is tailored to the individual’s sensibilities—students can choose to work with drawing materials (pencil, charcoal, pastel), water-based paints (gouache, acrylic), and/or oils.

Some of John Singer Sargent‘s prominent portraits will be discussed in class. We will also view a variety of other artists’ portraits during the workshop to provide a range of images, styles, mediums, and approaches.

Students will need to bring all the materials that they will work with at the start of the day.

Any questions or concerns, feel free to contact: before our class begins. We can correspond through emails a few days before the workshop begins.

Freelancing for Creatives


Mary DePalma | Online

Launching a freelance career in art and design can be intimidating. It’s hard to know where to begin with so many opportunities and challenges to navigate. This workshop offers step-by-step personalized planning tools and resources to help you get started.

In the first session, you’ll assess your product, compute your base hourly rate, and figure out the budget, materials, and space you’ll need to set up your creative business.

In the second session, you’ll work on identifying your target market, and explore the ways in which you can connect with your customers. Topics include networking, personal branding, portfolios, websites, collateral, and marketing plans.

The final week we will look at the nuts and bolts of pricing, proposals, contracts, copyright, bookkeeping and taxes.

Serving a Healthy Diet

Winter Session

Diane L McKay | Online

In a world of conflicting food messages, how do we know which foods are good for us? What is the evidence for why you might want to incorporate foods like leafy greens, beans and berries more often into the meals you prepare? How do you construct a menu that tastes good, meets the nutrient and health requirements for an individual or group, and is culturally appropriate and responsibly sourced?

Planning and implementing healthy meals for customers, clients, family, and friends can pose a challenge. In this course we explore the relationship between diet and health by examining the habitual eating patterns that have been shown to prevent chronic diet-related conditions. We learn about the nutritional components of the foods and beverages commonly present in these healthy eating patterns and to implement strategies that will help those we serve make better food choices.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe healthful dietary patterns and summarize their common factors.
  • Identify the healthful properties of foods, how to responsibly source those foods, and how preparation influences their properties.
  • Create a healthful dish based on principles of maximizing flavor while mitigating chronic disease risk.

Building Your Artist Website: Design Bootcamp


Keith March Mistler | Online

Web design and site creation are important skills for many people in our tech-forward world. This 6-hour introductory workshop will task students with creating a personalized website portfolio using a free CMS (content management system). Students will learn how to plan a website using wireframing and site mapping skills as well as how to format content for the web. Design concepts will be introduced and applied. Experience in design is recommended but not required.



Hear from our Students


"Through University College, I was able to sample engineering and project management classes. My great experiences in these early classes proved that I should go for a full degree, and I’m now enrolled in the two-year Master of Science in Engineering Management program.”

Sally B. - Tufts University Employee & Student, 2021

Robert Siegelman's approach of confidence, play and experimentation is exactly what I need right now. Helping me lean into my own ideas, and also stretch my awareness both through seeing a huge variety of work and by communicating with the other students in the class. His stressing a daily practice is also life changing.

Mixed Media Drawing - Student, 2020

As a veteran teacher looking for quality and affordable professional development, I could not have found a better option than this course at Tufts.  This class provided teachers with a plethora of resources to be used in our classrooms, challenged teachers to think about their practice and materials, and created an atmosphere of collegiality and collaboration among professional educators.  Thank you very much for this opportunity, I hope to return again next summer!

Summer Session Student, 2022

I have been a CE student at SMFA since January 2016, when I first enrolled in Elaine Spatz-Rabinowitz’s class. I chose her Intermediate to Advanced Abstract Painting class, and each semester that I have studied with Elaine has been remarkable. Elaine is simply brilliant — a great artist, a gifted and experienced teacher, and a remarkable person. I am deeply grateful and look forward to continued study in this class.

SMFA Painting Student, 2022



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