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Choose from a variety of online or on-campus available courses at Tufts. Winter, Spring, and Summer Registration is open now!

For Credit

  • For students seeking the full academic experience, Tufts offers hundreds of courses for credit. Take a course, receive a grade, and apply credits towards a degree or certificate.
  • Tufts degree students login to SIS to register


  • Tufts offers the opportunity to audit courses for students who want to enjoy learning without a grade.
  • Sit in on a class, participate, and explore a new passion, or preview material for future academic endeavors.

Workshop / Short Courses

  • Get quick skills under your belt or onto your resume or explore a topic in a condensed period of time.
  • Ranging anywhere from a few hours to multi-week sessions, workshops and short courses allow students to briefly expore into a specific topic or subject.

Courses for High Schoolers

  • Qualified high school students are welcome to take courses at Tufts every term.
  • Earn college credit and experience college life and academics


Highlighted Winter Session Courses and Programs


Human Leadership: foundational learning

Winter Session

Elizabeth McCarthy | Morning | Online

The core benefit derived from this series of three workshop sessions is developing authentic/human leadership skills - starting with discovering and articulating your passion for the work you do, leaning into this passion as a means to inspire those around you, and understanding how to lead with empathy and advocacy to create and sustain meaningful relationships. This human-centered leadership approach arms participants with the knowledge, confidence, skills and self-understanding necessary to ground and grow their roles as leaders (whether in title or in influence) across different types of businesses and organizations. 


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Hear from our Students


"Through University College, I was able to sample engineering and project management classes. My great experiences in these early classes proved that I should go for a full degree, and I’m now enrolled in the two-year Master of Science in Engineering Management program.”

Sally B. - Tufts University Employee & Student, 2021

Robert Siegelman's approach of confidence, play and experimentation is exactly what I need right now. Helping me lean into my own ideas, and also stretch my awareness both through seeing a huge variety of work and by communicating with the other students in the class. His stressing a daily practice is also life changing.

Mixed Media Drawing - Student, 2020

As a veteran teacher looking for quality and affordable professional development, I could not have found a better option than this course at Tufts.  This class provided teachers with a plethora of resources to be used in our classrooms, challenged teachers to think about their practice and materials, and created an atmosphere of collegiality and collaboration among professional educators.  Thank you very much for this opportunity, I hope to return again next summer!

Summer Session Student, 2022

I have been a CE student at SMFA since January 2016, when I first enrolled in Elaine Spatz-Rabinowitz’s class. I chose her Intermediate to Advanced Abstract Painting class, and each semester that I have studied with Elaine has been remarkable. Elaine is simply brilliant — a great artist, a gifted and experienced teacher, and a remarkable person. I am deeply grateful and look forward to continued study in this class.

SMFA Painting Student, 2022


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