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The Center for Professional and Workforce Impact

Join the movement to define the landscape of professional and workforce development at Tufts University.

How can The Center support you and your career goals?

Tufts University and University College have partnered to bring all learners The NEW Center of Professional and Workforce Impact to address persistent workforce challenges around the globe. The Center engages industry partners, governments, and educators across Tufts to help support learners with the challenges that may arise in pursuing professional and workforce development opportunities.  The three main goals of The Center are:


Develop flexible and impactful educational products to prepare a diverse group of people to excel in future and existing jobs in high growth fields and industries
Create a community of learners and researchers to study and articulate the impacts of education in meeting workforce needs and societal outcomes
Use research to advise learners, partners, employers, and educators on how to engage with the professional and workforce education ecosystem

University College is poised to significantly impact our institution by expanding the definition of what it means to be a student at Tufts University by serving learners of all stages and backgrounds. With the establishment of the Center for Professional and Workforce Impact, UC will broaden the scope of Tufts’ contributions to professional and workforce education while also leveraging technology to create a flexible learning environment. I am confident that this strategic plan will not only transform Tufts into a career impact accelerator but also enhance the value of our institution on a local, national, and global level.

Sunil Kumar, President of Tufts University (2024)

What can higher education offer today's workforce?

Adult learners (ages 25+) comprise nearly half of the total students enrolled in higher education in the U.S. To effectively serve these learners, we must respond to what the data reveals about their motivations for pursuing (or continuing to seek) higher education.


  • Modality and scheduling options

Meaning Making

  • Pursuit of passions and making an impact


  • ROI and career outcomes
Higher education for today's workforce

Sources: National Center for Education Statistics, "Adult Learning" report, and Vashae Dixon, "State of the Union: The Graduate, Online, and Adult Learner Markets," EAB Executive Strategy Summit, March 13, 2024


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Center for Professional and Workforce Impact