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Teaching & Education

Grow as an educator and join our supportive community.

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Grow as an Educator

Our education courses are designed for passionate teachers at every stage in their career. Whether you’re looking to gain foundational knowledge in a new discipline, learn about the challenges facing your students, or simply continue to be the best educator you can, Tufts has an education course for you.

Our unique variety of programs provides collaborative opportunities across the university and our surrounding communities. And, you can connect with teachers who are veteran educators as well as your peer students, to truly join a community of educators at Tufts.

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Childhood Across Culture

Summer Session

Theo Klimstra | Morning

Intermediate-level study of child development, with emphasis on cultural perspectives integrating psychological and anthropological theory. Children's development examined across cultures and in the context of the various social institutions and settings within which they live.

Examines the relationship between health, health care, and community. Considers the determinants of health and illness in contemporary society. Major emphasis on how communities define and try to resolve health-related problems explored through case studies.

Grammar & Writing for Teachers

Summer Session

Dana Simpson | Asynchronous

The teaching and learning of grammar and writing in the context of research, classroom practice, diverse populations, and high-stakes testing. Topics include composition theory, writing in a variety of genres, the implementation of writing programs K-12, teaching grammar in the context of speaking and writing, teaching Standard Written English to students of color and bilingual students, and response and evaluation. A thorough review of English grammar appropriate for teachers K-12 is included.




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