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Science & Mathematics

Study with peers who are as passionate about science and math as you are.

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Are you looking to enhance your resume by building your science or math skills? We have a class for every interest, from calculus to chemistry and more. Explore your passion with Tufts’ wide range of Science & Mathematics courses. You’ll join a community of learners who are just as passionate and driven as you are.

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Organisms & Population with Lab

Summer Session

Jennifer Carr

An introductory course primarily for prospective biology majors. May be taken before or after taking Bio 13. Selected topics in physiology, development, genetics, and population biology, with emphasis on evolutionary mechanisms. Two lectures and one laboratory each week.

Principles of Epidemiology

Summer Session

Mark Woodin | Online

Methods that quantify disease processes in human populations. Topics include study design, sources of inaccuracy in experimental and observational studies, the methodology of data collection, and an introduction to the statistical evaluation of epidemiological data.




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