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Psychology & Social Sciences

Delve into human nature and increase your understanding of our society.

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Delve into Human Nature

Explore the human experience with faculty and staff from Tufts' award winning School of Arts & Sciences. Subjects in this Area of Study include political science, psychology, perception, family relationships, and coping. Enhance your knowledge and sharpen your skills or simply indulge yourself in topics that expand your knowledge of human nature and society.

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Introduction to Psychology

Summer Session

Carolyn Knoepfler | Asynchronous or Evening

Systematic survey of the field of psychology, covering important general principles in the topics of psychological development, sensory processes, perception, motivation, emotion, learning, thinking, intelligence, aptitudes, social problems, and personality.

The course will consist of lectures, films and in class discussions that will help illustrate various subjects that we will cover in class. Students will embark on an exploration of the human brain and all of its complexities and will gain a better understanding of human behavior. Students will explore how Psychologists ask questions and then create a framework in an attempt to answer them using the scientific method and statistics. Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to briefly describe the history of the field of Psychology, outline the connections between Psychology and other disciplines such as biology and philosophy, discuss the nature versus nurture argument as it applies to behavior, describe the biological basis of behavior as it relates to neuroscience research, discuss the connections between the sub-disciplines of the field, discuss the major theorists, analyze behavior with a researcher’s eye and question data and statistics, and use critical thinking skills when it comes to looking at behavior.

Introduction to Sociology

Summer Session

Caitlin Slodden | Morning

Introduction to the systematic and scientific study of human social behavior. Topics include how history and social structure shape individuals’ daily interactions and experiences in the world, how individuals co-create social categories and cultural meanings together through interaction, and how human behavior varies across large and small groups. How societies maintain social control, set up stratification systems based on class, race, and gender, and regulate daily life through institutions such as families, schools, politics, and labor markets.




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