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Take the next step in your health or medical career with us and dive into courses on all aspects of health, including science and policy around the medical, dental, and veterinary fields. Tufts has been educating future health and medical professionals for over 100 years—come join our learning community.

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Health Care Activism, Community Health and Patient-Centered Research

Spring Semester

Marisha Palm and Thomas Concannon | Afternoon

This introductory course focuses on principles and methods that can be used to support the involvement of stakeholders in research. The course will examine three approaches to stakeholder and community engagement that have addressed theory, principles, challenges, and potential benefits.The three approaches include patient-centered research in which researchers collaborate with the public to make research more useful, community-based health research in which researchers and communities work together to co-create research, and health care activism in which individuals come together to influence stewards of publicly-funded research.

Basic Enrollment Requirements: Unofficial Transcript – Bachelor’s.

Introduction to Community Health

Summer Session

Travis Robert Moore | Asynchronous

Examines the relationship between health, health care, and community. Considers the determinants of health and illness in contemporary society. Major emphasis on how communities define and try to resolve health-related problems explored through case studies.






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