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Medical Technology Development

Michael Wiklund

Online | Tuesday Evening | January 24 - April 25, 2023

Medical technology development and healthcare delivery. Human anatomy, medical conditions, roles of clinicians, and effect of medical care environments on medical care quality. User interfaces of diagnostic, therapeutic, and monitoring technologies. Design of medical devices to optimize medical care, user satisfaction, and patient safety. Visits to clinical care environments.

3D Printing the Human Body

Vincent Fitzpatrick

In-Person | Tuesday/Thursday Evening | May 25 - June 29, 2023

Current and emerging applications of three-dimensional (3D) printing in the field of biomedical engineering. Assessment of advantages, challenges, and limitations of 3D printing as a manufacturing process. Exploration of emerging technologies and the future potential of 3D printing for medicine. Extraction of relevant information from patient data, generation of a printable model, and successful printing of an anatomical structure or medical device.


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John Germaine | Research Professor

As a research professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Tufts School of Engineering. He is a leader in experimental methods in geotechnical analysis. In recent years, Germaine has worked on small-strain nonlinearity of normally consolidated clay and has explored factors affecting the initial stiffness of cohesive soils.

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Bernardo Perez-Ramirez | Part-Time Lecturer

Bernardo Perez-Ramirez is a Senior Scientific Director and Global Head of CMC-Drug Device Integration at Sanofi. His current responsibilities include scientific and strategic advice on CMC-Drug Device integration. He has more than twenty-five years of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry in particular in formulation and drug product development for therapeutic proteins (enzyme, monoclonal antibodies, agonists, growth factors, combination products and gene therapy) including drug device integration and technology transfer.

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