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Join us in welcoming our newly appointed Dean of University College - Denise Bates.

Arts & Humanities

Are you a lifelong learner who is curious about understanding the world around you? In Tufts’ enriching liberal arts courses, you’ll delve into the human experience through subjects like literature, logic, gender, and race.

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Explore the richness of human thought and the arts at Tufts University. Our open enrollment courses across a variety of topics can help students, no matter where they are on their journey, to develop the critical thinking and analytical skills necessary in today’s fast-paced world.  Enroll today!

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Creative Writing: Fiction

Summer Session


Introductory practice and instruction in fiction workshop setting. Includes writing and sharing of original fiction; craft-based discussions of literary texts; generative writing exercises; and written and oral critiques of assignments. Prerequisites: ENG 1 and 2 or completion of the College Writing Requirement

Public Speaking

Summer Session

Morning or Evening

Introductory course exploring the fundamentals of clear, confident, and effective communication in one-on-one and group settings. Development of tension management skills, good breathing habits, awareness of body language, and the ability to engage an audience through a series of practical exercises. Specific vocal work focuses on tone, variety of pitch, rate, volume, and articulation. 

Classical Mythology

Summer Session


Exploration of the world of Greco-Roman mythology and its intersections with art, ideology, and ritual. Examination of the stories of the gods and heroes as cognitive tools for interrogating the essential questions of being human: justice and morality, fate and identity, humor and heroism, suffering and triumph, and the meaning of life. Focus on how ancient myth has remained a powerful source of inspiration for millennia, informing the art and narratives of the Renaissance to the present.






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