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University College at Tufts, offers students of all ages and different stages of their education journey the ability to gain deep knowledge, real-world experience, and the professional resources to achieve their goals. Students here have the opportunity to choose from open enrollment courses, workshops, or non-degree certificate programs that combine the academic excellence of a top-rated research university with a true collaborative spirit and commitment to interdisciplinary study.

You’ll work closely with faculty, staff  and peers alike to explore and address the most pressing issues or greatest advances in your industry, make lasting connections, and build a valuable network of like peers who you can continue to connect and explore with as you continue to grow in your career. No matter what you study—or what you’re hoping to achieve—you’ll be surrounded by people and ideas that will inspire and motivate you, while enhancing your career with the skills and knowledge specific to your industry or area of study.


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Top reasons adult professionals come to Tufts


World renowned faculty with deep research based expertise

Tufts faculty consists of global experts who provide the immersive instruction and live mentorship needed to help motivated and driven professionals like you meet your goals.

Relevant, high-quality offerings

Tufts offers 500+ courses and programs to choose from, covering a wide range of fields and interests. New certificates, bootcamps, and workshops are added regularly!


Tufts offers a variety of course formats and schedules to accommodate busy professionals. Explore our online, evenings, weekends, and asynchronous options.


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"Through University College, I was able to sample engineering and project management classes. My great experiences in these early classes proved that I should go for a full degree, and I’m now enrolled in the two-year Master of Science in Engineering Management program.”

Sally B. - Tufts University Employee & Student, 2021

I had the wonderful opportunity to take a public speaking course this summer through Tufts. This class was extremely engaging, despite the restrictions of online learning. We began each lesson with exercises, each student would alternate leading the class on warmups, we were given time to produce a short speech to present during class time, and had a chance to watch videos of successful speeches to emulate. Our assignments included recording a draft speech to be uploaded onto Canvas, and we gave comments and suggestions to our classmates to help them improve for the final speech. This particular course opened my eyes to the beauty of speaking in public and the communication skills needed to interact with others. I felt the progress and improvement by the end of this program and can’t believe my development throughout those weeks.

Public Speaking - Student, 2020

I very truly enjoyed the class that I took. The instructor was amazing. My classmates were gifted. Taking the course persuaded me to begin working on my application materials to apply to a graduate certificate in UEP

Tufts - Student, 2021

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