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Pre-College Student Life

Experience a world-renowned college campus with Pre-College Programs at Tufts University, where academic excellence meets vibrant community life

About the Campus

Nestled in the picturesque town of Medford, Massachusetts, and neighboring the eclectic city of Somerville, Tufts offers a dynamic and engaging environment for students. With its roots dating back to 1852, Tufts University boasts a rich history of innovation and intellectual curiosity ready for Pre-College students to explore.

Enrolled Students

Step into a lively academic atmosphere and explore your passions both inside and outside the classroom. From conducting groundbreaking research and participating in service projects to just hanging out in the quad, prepare for community, growth and discovery at Tufts.

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Student Voices

Read blog posts written by our students, faculty, and staff about their Pre-College experiences at Tufts.

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Explore Tufts Pre-College Programs

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