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Having completed the Engineering Design Lab at Tufts University, I can confidently say, "I want to be an engineer." My time at Tufts was an incredible learning experience, enriched by daily lectures from experienced engineers working in both academia and industry. Through these lectures, I gained insights into various branches of engineering, broadening my understanding of the field.

One of the highlights of my journey at Tufts was the hands-on aspect of the program. I had the opportunity to build a working robot, fabricating and designing its parts and programming it to perform various tasks. This practical experience deepened my technical skills, but most importantly helped me realize my love for engineering. My program at Tufts introduced me to so many amazing people, many of whom I hope become life-long friends. Tufts' emphasis on collaboration fostered an environment of teamwork, allowing me to work with people who shared my interests. Together, we engaged in a final project that challenged us to apply our collective knowledge and creativity, further enhancing my problem-solving abilities.

Overall, my experience at Tufts is one I will never forget, and as I hopefully go on to study and pursue engineering, I will look back at my experience at Tufts with admiration, recognizing it as a pivotal moment that shaped my love for engineering.