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Over the past six weeks, I had the opportunity of conducting my own research project within the Mozaffarian Lab at the Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition with the TSRE program. While working at the Mozaffarian Lab, I learned about data management, ethical research, and statistical testing. I learned about Food is Medicine (FIM) programs, and how although they can assist many people who struggle to obtain nutritional balance and food for their households, these programs are not often talked about. Using data that had been previously collected through an online survey by my lab, I analyzed, stratified, and searched for interesting findings and trends. My newly acquired knowledge and skills allowed me to create a research poster and presentation that I shared with my peers from TSRE, friends & family, and all the professional staff from the various labs. Additionally, I made long lasting friendships with passionate and intelligent pre-college scholars from both TSRE and non-TSRE students. While I focused on my research and work diligently on weekdays, I always spent time on weekends with my friends discovering new study spots, eating at new restaurants, and hanging out in our dorms. Overall, this experience helped me confirm my interest in research and learn about college life as a student.