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Health & Science Programs for High School Students

Explore our summer 2024 programs with focuses on Medicine, Scientific Research, and Veterinary Medicine.

Tufts Pre-College offers summer programs for high school students interested in health and science. Whether your ideal patient has two legs or four, our college-prep courses are designed to grant you an immersive experience in the crucial world of healthcare and medicine.

Explore this summer's college prep healthcare programs today to find your right fit.

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Mini Med School: Careers in Medicine

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Lab Science Investigations

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Veterinary Courses for High School Students

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Tufts Summer Accelerator

The Tufts Summer Accelerator is designed to provide students with a chance to immerse themselves in the undergraduate experience, allowing highly motivated students to engage in their own academic interests and develop their own ideas. Students enroll in two college-level seminars per two-week session, designed specifically for high school students. These seminars are small (15-20 students), discussion-based, interactive sessions in subject areas from across the University. 

Choose from a variety of seminar topics including Social Psychology of Prejudice, Discrimination, and RacismRussia's war on Ukraine: why, why now, and what's next...Introduction to Children's MediaArt, Truth, and Misinformation, and many more. 

Meet our Program Leads


Adventures in Veterinary Medicine

John Chenier Headshot

John Chenier, Program Lead

Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine

John Chenier (he/his series) currently serves as the Recruitment Outreach Director for the Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Climate at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. For the past 20+ years, John has worked in post-secondary and graduate admissions, as a high school teacher, and as an athletic and career coach at a variety of institutions. He holds a B.A. from Fairfield University and Masters in Education at Cambridge College with a focus on interdisciplinary studies.

Mini Med School

Berri Jacque, Director

School of Medicine

Dr. Berri Jacque is an Associate Professor of Medical Education and teaches immunology in a number of professional programs (medical, dental, PA, and MBA) at Tufts University School of Medicine (TUSM). He directs The Center for Science Education at TUSM which aims to bring biomedical learning to high school classrooms, with the goal of broadening participation in science. Using a collaborative approach with high-school educators, his research focuses on understanding approaches that build interest in science and increase health literacy to prepare a diverse, engaged STEM workforce.

Tony Gao, Associate Director

University College

Dr. Tony Gao has a background in biomedical engineering, specializing in cardiovascular biomechanics. Prior to joining the Mini Med School team, he was part of the TUSM Center for Science Education, where his postdoctoral work focused on the development of online graduate courses for high school biology educators. Dr. Gao is interested in the potential of educational gaming and other interactive media as equitable tools to improve engagement with topics such as health literacy and science communication, both within and outside the classroom.

Liz Genné-Bacon, Associate Director

School of Medicine

Dr. Liz Genné-Bacon is Associate Director of the TUSM Center for Science Education. Prior to joining Mini Med School, she worked with pd|hub, a multi-institution, NIH-funded effort to enhance professional development for trainees in STEMM. Dr. Genné-Bacon completed her postdoctoral training at the Center for Science Education at Tufts University School of Medicine, where her work focused on neuroscience curriculum development and strategies to help college instructors implement course-based research techniques. Dr. Genné-Bacon is particularly interested in investigating methods for expanding access to educational innovations for more student populations and broadening participation in science. Her biology research background is in molecular neuroscience and genetics. 

Lab Science Investigations: Antimicrobial Resistance

Revati Masilamani, Program Lead

School of Medicine

Dr. Revati Masilamani is an Assistant Professor of Medical Education and teaches immunology in the professional programs at Tufts University School of Medicine (TUSM). At the Center for Science Education (CSE) at TUSM, she also directs Teaching the Great Diseases, a graduate program for science teachers. This program aims to bring cutting edge biomedical science and health literacy into high school classrooms by preparing teachers to teach complex biological topics using real world approaches. Her research focuses on models to strengthen engagement with science and health awareness in adolescent populations through inclusive, equitable teaching practices.

Tufts Summer Research Experience

This program welcomes high school juniors and seniors with prior research experience to join us for a semester at Tufts under active mentorship by one of Tufts' world-class researchers to learn hands-on laboratory techniques and/or data and processing skills. Students will work in Tufts research laboratories, actively participating in the rigorous research being explored at Tufts. Students will gain proficiency in authentic research practices as they work side-by-side with the faculty, postdoctoral scholars, and students at Tufts University. Although the particular techniques and areas of research will depend on the research team that hosts each student, all students will actively contribute to ongoing research projects and learn about research ethics and how to evaluate information objectively. 

Full Semester Hallmark Courses




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