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About Us

Our Vision

Academic Preparation

At Tufts, we design our Pre-College programs to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in higher education. By engaging in rigorous coursework, students can better prepare for the academic challenges to come.

College Readiness

These programs are designed to support students in navigating the transition from high school to college, including providing support with applications and financial aid, as well as exploring possible fields and career paths.

Equity and Access

At Tufts, these programs also play a crucial role in promoting equity and access in higher education. We offer support, resources, and mentorship, targeting students from underrepresented backgrounds or those who may face barriers to college entry.

College Courses for High School Students

Courses at Tufts for high schoolers offer a stimulating and enriching academic experience tailored to the interests and ambitions of young learners. Drawing from the university's renowned curriculum, these courses cover a diverse array of subjects. Whether delving into advanced topics in mathematics, the intricacies of literature, or exploring cutting-edge research in science, high schoolers at Tufts find themselves immersed in a dynamic learning environment that prepares them for future academic success and personal growth, all while earning college credits.

High school students of different races and genders laugh while sitting in a lecture hall

Summer Intensives and Experiences

Tufts Pre-College offers an enriching and immersive experience designed to empower students. Located at one of the nation's most renowned research universities, these offerings provide a unique opportunity for high school students to delve deeply into a variety of subjects, developed and led by expert faculty and staff at Tufts. Our Pre-College offerings foster intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and collaborative learning. Whether students are delving into hands-on lab experiments, engaging in spirited debates, or honing their creative talents, they emerge with newfound skills, confidence, and a glimpse into the dynamic world of higher education.

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Pre-College Student Life at Tufts

Pre-College students at Tufts become part of a vibrant community where learning and exploration are paramount. Students participating in these programs will engage in a variety of academic and extracurricular activities, from attending classes taught by expert faculty to participating in workshops and seminars that ignite intellectual curiosity to spending the day exploring the history and charm of Boston, Massachusetts. Beyond academics and adventures, they have the opportunity to connect with peers from diverse backgrounds, forming friendships and bonds that often extend beyond their time at Tufts. 

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Hear from Pre-College Students

Read "Student Voices," a blog written by Pre-College students.

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Contact Us

Need more information about Pre-College offerings at Tufts, contact our team anytime.  Our Program Administrators are standing by to answer all your questions, call or email today and get started on your lifelong education journey with Tufts.

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Meet the Team

Arianna Wilson

University College

Director, Pre-College Programs

Arianna Wilson joined University College as the Director of Pre-College Programs in October of 2019, after spending over a decade in K-12 public education. She leads the college’s efforts developing and implementing the strategy for Pre-College programs, with a goal to introduce students to new fields of interest and study while giving them the opportunity to sample the college experience.  Using her extensive experience directing Expanded Learning Time programs in Boston Public Schools and Melrose Public Schools, Arianna hopes to expand the reach of Tufts Pre-College Programs to span the Pre-K-12 pipeline, and offer access to disadvantaged students who wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to attend.

Outside of her work at Tufts, Arianna is the Executive Director of Alex's Team Foundation, a Boston-based charity organization that supports the fight against childhood cancer. She holds a Master's degree in Education from Smith College and graduated from Amherst College with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Psychology. Arianna lives in Watertown with her husband Ryan, and their children, Chase Alexandra and Tucker.

Tressa Janati

University College

Associate Director, Pre-College Programs - University College

Tony Gao

University College

Associate Director, Pre-College Programs - University College

Dr. Tony Gao has a background in biomedical engineering, specializing in cardiovascular biomechanics. Prior to joining the Mini Med School team, he was part of the TUSM Center for Science Education, where his postdoctoral work focused on the development of online graduate courses for high school biology educators. Dr. Gao is interested in the potential of educational gaming and other interactive media as equitable tools to improve engagement with topics such as health literacy and science communication, both within and outside the classroom.

Alison Currier

Program Administrator, Pre-College Programs - University College

Marisa Doyle

University College

Program Administrator, Pre-College Programs - University College

Abigail Theirrien

University College

Program Administrator, Pre-College Programs - University College

Maggie Tiano

University College

Program Administrator, Pre-College Programs - University College

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