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Lunch and Learn Talks

Join us on Wednesdays and Fridays in our Fall term to learn about new topics!
Fall 2024 Courses are open for registration! Join OLLI and register for courses today.

Join Us for OLLI Lunch & Learn Talks

Thank you to our Lunch and Learn Committee for their hard work planning and organizing our speakers each term! 

Be sure to keep an eye on the weekly events digest (sent to all currently enrolled Tufts OLLI members every Tuesday) for subsequent Zoom links and location details.

Questions? Please do not hesitate to reach out to our office either by phone at (617) 627-5699 or via email at


Lunch & Learn Talks Schedule

All talks are held 12:15 pm ET - 1:15 pm ET on Wednesdays and Fridays during our Fall term. Wednesday talks are held exclusively on Zoom, while our Friday talks are held in-person at Tufts University and streamed on Zoom for our members at home. 

A printer-friendly version of our Fall Lunch and Learn Talks schedule can be found here.


Date & Modality

Presenter & Talk Title


September 11



Jeremy D'Entremont, Historian, U.S. Lighthouse Society

New England Lighthouses and the People Who Kept Them


September 13



Marcia Zug, Professor of Law, University of South Carolina, School of Law

You'll Do – The History of Marrying for Reasons Other Than Love


September 18



Christine Abely, Assistant Professor of Law, New England Law, Boston

The Sanctions Response to Russia's Invasion of Ukraine


September 20



Fred Santino, Professor of Management, Boston University

Expeditionary Aviation in the Antarctic: An Aircrewman's Personal Account of Danger, Whiteouts, Crashes, and Near Death Experience


September 25



Meg Holmes, Camino Pilgrim, Retired School Librarian

Walking the Camino de Santiago with Meg Holmes


September 27



Professor Benjamin Wolfe, Associate Professor, Biology, Tufts University

How to Manage Your Microbiome: Lessons from Human and Food Microbial Communities


October 2



Dr. John E. Fernandez, Director, MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative

Connecting Sustainability Theory to Action – Products, Technologies, and Systems for Environmental and Ecological Balance


October 4



Margarita Barresi, Author

A Delicate Marriage – A History of the Relationship Between Puerto Rico and the U.S.


October 9



Christopher Bensch, Chief Curator, Vice President of Collections, the Strong Museum of Play, Rochester N.Y.

Celebrating Toys: The Latest from the National Toy Hall of Fame


October 11



Denise E. Bates, PhD, Dean, University College; Professor, Department of History, School of Arts and Sciences, Tufts University

Indigenous Activism in the Mid-20th Century U.S. Southeast: Cold War Politics, Racial Segregation, and Tribal Sovereignty


October 16



John Rosenthal, Founder, Stop Handgun Violence, Friends of Boston's Homeless, Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative, America is Calling; President, Meredith Management Real Estate Development Firm

America's Epidemic of Gun Violence and What Can Be Done to Stop It


October 18



Katrina Burgess, Professor of Political Economy; Director, Leir Institute for Migration and Human Security, the Fletcher School, Tufts University

Why Do Migrants Make Such Dangerous Journeys


October 23



Alison O'Leary, Author, Speaker, Journalist, Editor

The Best Small Museums in Massachusetts


October 25



Jeanne Martin, Ed.D, Haiku Poet, Teacher, Retreat Leader

length of one breath: haiku now


October 30



Patti Steinman (she/her), Senior Teacher/Naturalist, Arcadia, Massachusetts Audubon Society

The Wonderful World of Bats