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Tufts OLLI Member Experiences

Watch videos about OLLI at Tufts from members, by members.



 What Does OLLI Mean to You?

Members of OLLI at Tufts answer the question, "What does OLLI mean to you?" 





Hear From Tufts OLLI Members

Meet three of our members and hear about their experience with OLLI at Tufts through the video series, "Conversations with OLLI at Tufts." They share what makes OLLI special, how they joined OLLI and became involved, and so much more.

Meet Osher OLLI Member Bob

Bob Pride joined OLLI in 2006 and plays many roles to help make OLLI great, including Study Group Leader, current Vice Chair of the Executive Board, past Chair of the Curriculum Committee, and member of our book and history EDventure groups. Watch this video to hear about his story and experience with OLLI at Tufts.


Meet Osher OLLI Member Emese

Emese Soos is a passionate Lifelong Learner and Study Group Leader of French culture and literature. With a long list of various French cultural and literary topics under her belt, she talks about the value of discussion and conversation in learning, especially literature. In this video, you will feel the passion for learning shared by the OLLI community.


Meet Osher OLLI Member Jane

Jane Katims has been a Study Group Leader at OLLI for over 15 years, leading courses on literature and creative writing for our OLLI community! For her, the people and community are what make the experience at OLLI a great one. Watch the video to hear her story.



More About Tufts Osher Lifelong Learning Institute



Osher OLLI Favorite Moments

Members of Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Tufts share their favorite parts and memories with OLLI.