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OLLI Special Events

Attend Special Events with our Tufts OLLI Community

Enjoy Time With the Tufts OLLI Community

All OLLI members are welcome to join our community for these special events, featuring; authors, academics, artists, performers, and more! Be sure to check your member weekly digest for more details. 

Our upcoming events are:

  • April 11 & May 20 | Spring Community Dine Arounds
  • May 1 | OLLI at Night: Community Philosophy Evening
  • May 23 | Spring Term Celebration
  • June 12 | OLLI at Night: The Secret Life of Jokes with David Misch

And kicking off our 2024-2025 membership year are the following events:

  • July 25 | OLLI at Night: Influential Women performed by Marvento Duo

More information about each event can be found below!

Upcoming OLLI Events


Community Dine Arounds

Wednesday, March 13, Thursday, April 11, and Monday, May 20 | All dinners begin at 5:00pm ET

Organized by Tufts OLLI members for Tufts OLLI members, our Community Dine Arounds return this Spring! Join one of our upcoming meals for good food and even better company:

  • Thursday, April 11 - Beijing in Lexington, MA

  • Monday, May 20 - Gaetano’s in Stoneham, MA

Full event details and the link to RSVP are available to current members in the Tufts OLLI Weekly Digest.

OLLI at Night: Community Philosophy Evening

Wednesday, May 1 | 6:00pm - 8:00pm In-person

Organized by the Tufts Philosophy Workshop and the Philosopher-in-Residence at MHS, this event is a philosophical conversation between high school students, college students, returning adult learners, parents, teachers, and administrators discussing the following question:

'When, if ever, is it appropriate for a school to implement policies that directly contradict parents’ values and preferences?'

Full event details and the link to RSVP are available to current members in the Tufts OLLI Weekly Digest.

Tufts OLLI Presents: Spring Term Celebration

Thursday, May 23 | 10:00am - 12:00pm, In-person at Tufts

Please join your fellow OLLI members, this year's study group leaders, and the OLLI staff for an in-person gathering to celebrate the end of the spring term. Light food and drinks will be provided. 

Full event details and the link to RSVP are available to current members in the Tufts OLLI Weekly Digest.

OLLI At Night: The Secret Life of Jokes with David Misch

Wednesday, June 12 | 7:00pm - 8:30pm ET on Zoom

The well-known comedian George Orwell said “The aim of a joke is not to degrade the human being but to remind him he’s already degraded.” Okay, that’s one explanation. But gagsters like Sigmund Freud, Immanuel Kant and Thomas Hobbes all had theories about humor, which means jokes are Really Important, not just a way to make someone snort up their milk. I like to call jokes “comedy in miniature.” (I like to call my cat “No! Not on the rug!”, but that tends to be situational.) Seen in a certain way – the way I see it – comedy uses the same basic components as all art forms: tension-and-resolution, pattern recognition, misdirection and surprise. For jokes, the big difference is they’re small, which makes them easier to pull apart, to see what makes them tick and why they make us laugh. Topics covered in this multimedia presentation include the Rule of 3 (Why are things funnier in threes? Really, why? I mean, why?); Is humor inherently hostile?; How jokes are related to Japanese haiku poetry; Why jokes make you smarter; Dirty jokes that aren’t dirty; and The Official Funniest Joke In The World.

About our presenter: Among David Misch’s TV and movie credits are the Emmy-nominated “Mork & Mindy,” the Emmy-losing “Duckman,” the Emmy-engorged “Saturday Night Live,” and the Emmy-ineligible “The Muppets Take Manhattan.” He’s the author of “Funny: The Book” and “A Beginner’s Guide To Corruption,” and is also a playwright, songwriter, blogger, teacher and recovered stand-up comic, and has spoken at Yale, Columbia, the Smithsonian, Oxford, CinestudioParis, University of Sydney (Australia), VIEW Cinema Conference (Torino, Italy), Raindance Film Festival (London), Austin Film Festival, American Film Institute, Disney, Sony, Lucasfilm, Midwest Popular Culture Association, USC and UCLA.

Full event details and the link to RSVP are available to current members in the Tufts OLLI Weekly Digest.

OLLI at Night: Influential Women Performed by Marvento Duo

Thursday, July 25 | 7:30pm In-person at Brookhaven at Lexington

Hosted with our Community Partner, Brookhaven at Lexington, the Marvento Duo, featuring Weronika Balewski, Flute and Elizabeth Basconi, Piano, celebrates music by women composers both past and present, and considers their legacies today. The program introduces legendary teacher Nadia Boulanger through her Three Pieces for Cello and Piano transcribed for flute and piano. Boulanger taught dozens of well-known composers, including Aaron Copland, whose Duo for Flute and Piano became part of the “American sound.” We also bring to life a seldom-played Suite by Clemence de Grandval, who played a major role in supporting new music in late 19th century Paris. In Jhula Jhule, Reena Esmail honors her grandparents through the Indian folk songs they taught her, while Emily Doolittle’s Palouse Songbook explores the birds of the palouse prairie of the American northwest. These composers are creating and influencing current generations of musicians. Learn more at

This is a 60 min program with no intermission.

Full event details and the link to RSVP are available to current members in the Tufts OLLI Weekly Digest.




Past Speakers and Performers


Tufts' Beelzebubs National Renowned A Cappella Group
Elizabeth Stanley Tony-Nominated Star of Broadway & Television
Diane Taraz Folk and Traditional Singer and Songwriter
Richard Bell Author and Professor of History, University of Maryland
Phil Van Tee Comedy Magician, Los Angeles
Anthony Everett Emmy-Award Winning TV Anchor
Carol Hay Author and Associate Professor of Philosophy, U. Mass Lowell
Jo Marchant NYT Bestselling Author and Speaker
Robert Rotberg President Emeritus, World Peace Foundation
Richard Hoskin Author and Historian
Jonathan Biggane Author, Associate Professor of Management, California State University
Samantha Power Pulitzer Prize-winning author and former US Ambassador to the UN
David Sinclair Biologist, Professor of Genetics, Harvard Medical School
Stephen Kurkjian Investigative Reporter, Founding Member of the Boston Globe Spotlight Team
Richard Bell Scholar, Writer, Teacher, Professor of History University of Maryland
Judge Charles Schudson Wisconsin Reserve Judge Emeritus and Author 
Moon Duchin  Founder of the Metric Geometry & Gerrymandering, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Tufts University 
Jonathan Garlick Leading Stem Cell Researcher; Professor of Oral Pathology, Tufts University
Mitchell Weiss Public Entrepreneurship Scholar; Professor of Management Practice, Harvard Business School
Nathan Carterette Virtuoso Pianist
“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” Presented by The Classic Repertory Company of New Rep Theatre
“Sinatra at the Sands” Presented by The Wally’s Jazz Orchestra
"A Night of Magic" Presented by Magician Kayla Drescher
Shakespeare’s “Othello” Presented by The Classic Repertory Company of New Rep Theatre
Michael Shermer  Acclaimed Skeptic & Science Writer 
Anthony Brooks Award-Winning Public Radio Journalist
Daniel C. Dennett Celebrated Philosopher & Cognitive Scientist, Tufts University
“The Scarlet Letter” Presented by The Classic Repertory Company of New Rep Theatre
Steven Hancoff American Guitarist, Writer and Arranger
“Historic Showstoppers” Presented by Opera On Tap of Boston
Louis Menand  Pulitzer Prize-Winning Historian & Essayist 
Tod Machover  Award-Winning Composer & Inventor
Walter Willett World-Renowned Nutrition Expert


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