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Tufts University and our University College team are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and while we are currently still accepting applications and enrollments for Summer Session, we are in the process of considering alternative options for this summer’s programs and courses. We expect to update students and families no later than April 10, 2020 with our decisions. In the meantime, please visit the COVID-19 web page for additional information.

Tufts Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

April 2020 Update

During the COVID-19 situation, the OLLI is committed to offering a steady stream of virtual study groups to help our members stay active and continue learning. With ten study groups planned to start in May, and another 20+ scheduled to begin in June, we're slated to have 300+ hours of programming over the coming months!

New members looking for some intellectual stimulation are welcome to join us for the remainder of the year, at the special discounted rate of just $15 (please note that enrolling in individual study groups range in price from $25-$200). For more information regarding current operations, please contact us at

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Tufts University seeks to engage the minds and foster the well-being of intellectually curious older adults through a wide range of educational and social programs, including lectures, interactive study groups, special-interest clubs, and more, all offered in a welcoming, pressure-free environment. The Institute is self-governing through volunteer-based committees made up of our members.

We're a community of people who love to learn, and who enjoy coming together to discuss our wide-ranging interests and experiences. We offer 120+ "study groups" per year, most of which are led by our own members! Other study group leaders are drawn from the Tufts community, while still others are local experts with special knowledge to share.

At the OLLI, we seek intellectual stimulation in a social atmosphere. No tests, no pressure, no grades - just fun!

If you have a curious mind and an interest in learning, we invite you to consider joining our program.

One Program, Three Locations

Medford - Tufts Campus

April 2020 Update: Until the COVID-19 situation improves, all programming will be held virtually.

Most of our study groups are held on the Tufts Medford campus, typically in the general area of the Aidekman Arts Center.

Our Lunch & Learn series also occurs in the Aidekman Arts Center, in the Alumnae Lounge.

Members have the option of parking in the Dowling Hall Garage (419 Boston Avenue), or purchasing a visitor's pass to allow them to park in visitor-approved spaces on campus. For more information about parking, keep an eye on our e-Newsletter, or contact us at

Trying to find a classroom in Medford? Check out our handy "where is my classroom?" guide.

Brookhaven at Lexington

April 2020 Update: Until the COVID-19 situation improves, all programming will be held virtually.

Brookhaven at Lexington is a retirement community located in Lexington, MA that has been affiliated with the OLLI since 2001. Some study groups are held at Brookhaven during the fall, winter and spring terms, typically on Wednesdays. OLLI members are also eligible to attend select Brookhaven classes, lectures, concerts and other in-house programs (see our e-Newsletter for details).

Parking at Brookhaven is free.

Stoneham Senior Center

April 2020 Update: Until the COVID-19 situation improves, all programming will be held virtually.

Beginning in March 2020, the OLLI will begin hosting courses at the Stoneham Senior Center. Run by the Stoneham Council on Aging, the SSC offers a variety of programs and services to the town's senior population.

Parking at the SSC is free.