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At Tufts, our Pre-College Programs offer ambitious high school students the opportunity to learn from renowned faculty, scholars, & researchers and experience a rigorous academic environment at a leading higher education institution.  Summer Applications are OpenComplete the form above to stay connected and get updates about Summer 2023 Pre-College Programs. 

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"I love everything about this program I like how varied it was and all the different topics that were presented. I like how it included everyone from all different parts of the country and even the world!"

Climate Resilience Institute Student, 2021

"I loved the guidance of each assignment, but the ability to have a lot of room for creativity."

SMFA Studio Art Student, 2021

"I loved the small group exercises such as the case studies and the hands-on labs that were very informative and engaging. I also like the surgeon information meeting because it provided a lot of insight into the effort and time needed to become a successful physician."

Mini-Med Student, 2021

"I really liked the environment of the program. Everybody was very nice and I learned a lot about python. It really seemed like you guys wanted to teach us."

Coding 101 Student, 2021

"I feel better prepared to put myself out there and to get involved in many different activities in college."

Engineering Design Lab Student, 2020


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Stay in the Know...

Join our Pre-College mailing list today and learn more about the programs of your choice.

Why Tufts Pre-College?

Why Tufts Pre-College?

  • Choose from 100+ Tufts courses
  • Earn college credit in select programs
  • Learn from renowned Tufts faculty
  • Make meaningful connections with students from across the world
  • Get a taste of the undergraduate academic experience, virtually



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