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Program Overview

Want to take a class or two and get a taste of what it is like to study at Tufts University? Open to students who can commute to Tufts or who are looking to take classes exclusively online. This program allows motivated high school students to enroll in up to two Tufts Undergraduate courses or college-level courses designed specifically for high school students. Students can also choose to enroll in Studio Art Workshops or (during the summer) in one of our capstone College Prep Workshops. This program is flexible allowing you to take only the classes you need to meet your academic goals.

Join us for a course or two and share the Tufts experience! 

Want to take classes as a residential student? Learn more.

Program Highlights:

  • Top-ranked University just minutes from Boston
  • Earn college credit in undergraduate-level courses and in courses designed for high school students
  • Get help with Standardized Test Prep or College Essay Writing (summer only)
  • Attend our hallmark summer College Prep 101 Workshop that
    • Teaches students the skills they need to succeed in college (and life) and
    • Explores some of our country’s leading Universities through Admissions Tours (e.g., Tufts, Harvard, MIT, Boston College, Northeastern, Brown, etc.)
  • Make lifelong friends with students from all over the world!

Program Outcomes:

  • Excellent academic experience
  • Tufts college credit for up to two courses (if credit is selected)
  • Official Tufts transcript upon request (must have enrolled in courses)
  • Enhanced understanding of college-level study
  • Skills to navigate the undergraduate experience

Want to take classes as a residential student? Learn more.

Program Detail

Courses at Tufts for High Schoolers is all about rigorous academics. Take up to two courses and / or enroll in any of our Studio Art workshops. During the summer, students can also check-out College Prep Workshops. Students are responsible for getting themselves to classes or workshops each day and for managing their time while on campus. 

Below we have described the types of courses available to our high school students through this program. Students can choose to take classes from one category or mix and match across categories. Feel free to contact for more information about courses or for help in selecting the right course for you.

Courses for Credit

Browse Open Courses 

Tufts Undergraduate Courses (year-round)

Tufts offers courses for every student! Students may choose up to two courses from our long list undergraduate-level courses and workshops offered in nearly 30 departments each semester, including summer and winter. High school students in these courses and workshops will study with real Tufts undergraduate students. Courses may be taken for Tufts credit or on an audit (not for credit) basis. All courses are open to students entering grades 11-12. Studio Art courses are open to students entering grade 10.

Courses are offered throughout the year, generally on weekdays, and in Morning, Afternoon, and Evening blocks. Courses may take place on the Medford / Somerville, Boston, or SMFA Fenway campuses. The location is listed in the course list. 

SMFA Art Workshops (year-round)

Studio Art Workshops are offered at various times throughout the week and typically are much shorter in duration than a regular Tufts course. These workshops are open to students in grades 10-12 and are typically taught by School of the Museum of Fine Art faculty. Although they do not offer credit, students register for and attend workshops like any other course.

Courses Just for High School Students (summer only)

Tufts Pre-College Courses are college-level courses designed specifically for high school students entering grades 10-12. These courses are each offered over six weeks in Session 2 (July 2nd - August 9th 2019) and can be taken for credit or audit. Tufts Pre-College Courses have been the highlight of many high school students' summers for more than a decade. Choose from among our five hallmark courses and workshops:

  1. Tufts Summer Writing Program
  2. Foundations of Law and Ethics
  3. Health Science Honors
  4. Bioinformatics Inquiry through Sequencing (BIOSEQ)
  5. College Prep 101 Workshop [audit only]

College Application Prep Workshops (summer only)

Students registering for these pre-college courses have the opportunity to sign-up for Pre-College Workshops on topics like Admissions Essay Writing and Standardized Test Prep. You can only enroll in these free workshops if you are enrolled in a course at Tufts. Visit the College Prep Workshops page for more information. There are two workshops available:

  1. Admission Essay Writing (FREE when enrolled in a course) – Start writing and receive feedback on your Common App essay
  2. Standardized Test Prep (FREE when enrolled in a course) – Take practice tests and learn helpful skills for doing your best on the SAT

Want to enroll in this program as a residential student? Click here.

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Commuter Students

Commuting to the Program

Commuter students are only supervised on campus during their course meeting times, although Tufts University Police Department and all campus services (except residence halls) are always on call!

Commuter students and their parents are responsible for ensuring their student travels to and from campus safely and on time for each class. Detailed information about traveling to each of our campuses, including details on parking, can be found here. Please check the course list if you do not know the campus on which your course meets.

Please note: commuter students are not permitted to enter any residence halls on campus. No meals are provided for these students.

Want to take classes as a residential student? Learn more.


Students are always welcome to visit Tufts Student Services in Dowling Hall with any questions or concerns. However, we do offer orientation sessions during which we answer questions about the program and review key policies and procedures. These orientation sessions will be offered in-person. Orientation is not mandatory, but is recommended. Attending in-person also gives you the opportunity to pick-up your Tufts Student ID, which you must have with you at all times.

Summer 2019 Session 1:
May 21, 2019 at 9am and 12pm
May 22, 2019 at 9am and 12pm

Summer 2019 Session 2
July 2, 2019 at 9am and 12pm
July 3, 2019 at 9am and 12pm

Fall 2019
August 28, 2019 at 4pm
August 29, 2019 at 4pm

Winter 2019-2020
December 18, 2019 at 4pm
December 19, 2019 at 4pm

Spring 2020
January 8, 2020 at 4pm
January 9, 2020 at 4pm


Life at Tufts

Student Life & Campus Tour

We endeavor to make every moment of the student experience at Tufts memorable for our students. Every piece of the student life experience, from our dining halls to our athletic facilities to our orientation is designed to inform and enable students to have a healthy, fulfilling, and safe academic experience.

Take a Tufts Virtual Tour

University Facilities

Year-round, students will have access to the libraries, computer lab, and student center.

During the summer, students will also have access to Tufts’ Steve Tisch Sports and Fitness center, featuring racquet courts, a swimming pool and cardio and weight-training equipment.

Health & Wellness

We are unable to offer health and wellness services for Courses at Tufts for High Schoolers students at this time. Faculty and staff are instructed to contact the student's emergency contact in the case of health and wellness concerns and Tufts University Policy in the case of a medical or psychological crisis or emergency.

In a medical or psychological crisis or emergency, please immediately contact Tufts University Police at 617-627-6911


Students are required to attend all classes and academic workshops for which they have registered. Attendance is taken at each class. Tufts takes the safety of its students very seriously. As such, our current policy for pre-college students states that students cannot leave campus during class time without the supervision of a staff member. Commuter students’ commute to campus and time before or after class is not monitored by program staff, although Tufts community members have Tufts University Police Department and other campus safety protocols available at all times.

Campus Security

Tufts campus is considered very safe among U.S. college campuses. Although crime on campus is unusual, we do have an open campus in a major metropolitan area and we expect our students to exercise good judgment and responsibility as they navigate the campus. Tufts University maintains its own police department, on the job 24 hours a day, if an emergency arises. Tufts campus is equipped with an emergency blue light phone system.

Tufts makes all reasonable efforts to secure background checks and to provide Title IX training to every staff person involved in its Pre-College Programs.

For more information, please visit our Campus Safety page.

Application Materials & Deadlines

Register Now

Application & Key Enrollment Dates

Although we have application due dates by term, once you have submitted an application for one term, you may register (without re-applying) for any courses during the academic calendar year (Fall 2019 through Summer 2020). Please note admissions is rolling.

Program Application Opens Application & Admissions Document Deadline Payment Deadline Enrollment Forms Deadline
Summer 2019 December 1

Session 1: May 15

Session 2: June 15

Course-specific* 2 weeks prior to first class
Fall 2019 June 16 August 21 Course-specific* 2 weeks prior to first class
Winter 2019-20 November 1 December 14 Course-specific* 2 weeks prior to first class
Spring 2020 December 1 January 2 Course-specific* 2 weeks prior to first class

Program Eligibility

*Deadlines are driven by the specific courses students intend to enroll in. Please see the academic calendar for more details.

Both domestic and international students are welcome to apply to and attend our pre-college programs. This page includes instructions for both types of students.

Student Eligibility

Program Eligibility Requirements for All Students
Tufts Undergraduate Courses In or Entering Grades 11-12
SMFA Courses / Workshops In or Entering Grades 10-12
Tufts Pre-College Courses In or Entering Grades 10-12

Non-Native English Speakers

If you are a non-native English speaker, you will be asked to submit documents demonstrating your proficiency in English. The following are our eligibility standards:

English Language Proficiency Requirements

Test or Course Test Score or Course Grade
Internet-Based TOEFL 100 or above
IELTS 7.0 or above
All-English High School or Middle School Transcript demonstrating 1+ years

Application Requirements

Step 1: Register for courses through our student registration portal.

To find courses open to high school students, select Course Type "Open to High School Students." When registering, please be sure to select the "CAT for High School" tuition rate at check-out. You can find detailed instructions on how to register in this portal on the Courses at Tufts "How to Register" page.

Step 2: After you register, you will be asked to complete an application in the student registration portal. If you do not see this application, please let us know at The application will ask you for the following:

Basic Personal Information Recommender Contact Information* Test Scores Academic History & Transcript Other Requirements
Yes 1 Optional Yes Course Preferences

Step 3: after your initial application is submitted, the following documents must be provided to complete your application:

Official High School Transcript (back to 9th grade)

Delivery options:

  • Mailed to:
    Tufts Pre-College Programs
    Dowling Hall
    419 Boston Avenue
    Medford, MA 02155

  • Emailed: 
    By your high school to
Parent Permission Form

Once you submit your Step 2 application, our systems will automatically email the parent/guardian you listed in the application with instructions for how to fill out the online parent permission form. There is no action required from you, except to remind your parents to complete the permission form. If they did not receive the permission form, please email us at

*Letter of Recommendation

Once you submit your Step 2 application, our systems will automatically email the recommender you listed in the application with instructions for how to submit a Letter of Recommendation. This person can be a teacher, counselor, mentor, etc and you will be asked to provide a name and email address for the person you would like to write your letter during the Step 1 application process. There is no action required from you, except to ask and remind your recommender to complete the Letter. If they did not receive the email from us, please email us at

Step 4: Once we have received all of your application materials, we will review your application and confirm your enrollment.

  • If you are admitted to the program, payment in full is necessary to finalize your enrollment.
  • If you are not admitted to the program, you will receive a full refund of all amounts paid.

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Tuition & Fees

Tuition Rates

Credit Type Tuition Rate
Courses taken for credit or audit $2,970 per 3-credit course*
Non-credit workshops Prices range from $100 to $3,000 and are specified in the course list

* Courses at Tufts are typically worth 3.0 credits each. If you enroll in a course of less than or more than 3 credits, the tuition for that course will be prorated. The number of credits for each course is listed in the course list. The per credit tuition rate for high school students is $990. A student’s total bill will depend on the number and type of courses selected.

Fees & Insurance

Fee Type


Application Fee $65 (Non-refundable)
Materials & Lab Fees Some courses may have materials and lab fees, which will be charged at the time of registration. Typically, these fees range from $100-$500.
Late Registration Fee A Late Registration Fee will be added to a registration that is submitted to the university on or after the first day of the course session ($50 until the close of the Add/Drop period, $100 thereafter).
Late Payment Fee A Late Payment Fee will be applied to student balances that remain on or after the first day of the course session. This amount will be 1.5% of the balance, and will be compounded monthly.

Summer 2019 Health Insurance Rates

Session & Dates Coverage Dates 2019 Rates
Summer Session 1 (May 23 - June 29) May 20 - June 30 $317
Summer Session 2 (July 3 - August 10) July 1 - August 15 $347
Summer Session 12 week Session (May 23 - August 10) May 15 - August 28 $799
  • All high school students enrolled in Courses at Tufts must carry valid U.S.-based health insurance
  • Students will be asked to provide evidence of sufficient insurance during the enrollment process. If your student has sufficient insurance, no further action will be necessary.
  • Those who do not have sufficient insurance will not be eligible to participate in the academic year program, but can consider enrolling in Summer Session courses or in our residential program, Tufts College Experience. In this case, students will be asked to purchase a plan during the enrollment process.

Other Key Financial Policies

Refund Policies

Billing & Payment Policies

All Policies


Financial Aid

Tufts Pre-College Programs are committed to welcoming students from all backgrounds to Tufts’ campus. Although we have only limited financial aid available, we do our best to distribute the funds to students for whom it can make the greatest difference in their ability to attend.

Availability of Awards

Financial aid is only available for this program for courses that are offered during the Summer Session (May - August).

During the summer, financial aid is distributed through a very limited number of scholarships, typically covering 75—100% of the program fee based on demonstrated need. For the Summer Session, we typically distribute two awards in February and will continue to issue awards in March and April, until all available funds have been distributed.

Please note, international students are not eligible for financial aid at this time. Families should expect to contribute to the remaining portion of the program cost as well as other expenses like travel, books, etc


  1. Complete the Admissions Application for the pre-college program you would like to attend.
  2. Submit a Financial Aid Application for that program to
    1. Deadlines. Submit by the dates below to be considered for that month’s review cycle. Submissions will not be considered after available funds have been distributed.
      1. First deadline: submit by February 21
  3. We will review your Financial Aid Application after we have received the materials below and you have been admitted into the program:
    1. Completed Admissions Application
    2. Parental Consent Form (emailed to your parent after completing your application)
    3. Letter of Recommendation (if needed)
    4. High School Transcript (if needed)
  4. If you receive an award
    1. You will be notified by email within five business days of the deadline.
    2. You will have 10 business days to accept the award by emailing
    3. Tufts Pre-College Programs will then credit your student account with the amount of financial aid you received.
    4. Please note: Your enrollment in the program is still contingent on payment of any remaining balance after the award is applied to your account, and on receiving your enrollment forms.
  5. If you do not receive an award, your application will be automatically considered in the next application cycle, unless funds are no longer available.
  6. Once all of our funds have been distributed, we will notify all remaining applicants.

Financial Aid Application