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Summer Programs for Teens: Business & Management

Choose from two-week intensive or six-week, semester-long opportunities at Tufts. Dive right in with our programs focused on business, marketing, management, and more.

Ready to take your business and management skills to the next level?

Tufts University College offers summer programs for teens that can help you learn the ins and outs of business, entrepreneurship, and marketing. Dive deep into interesting business topics taught by industry professionals. Learn how our Pre-College summer programs can help you prepare for college and your career.


Entrepreneurship & Innovation Bootcamp

July 7 – 19, 2024
home Residential
car Commuter

Students will learn how to build a new venture from the ground up, whether it is a startup, small business or non-profit

Marketing Essentials

Session 1: July 7 – 19, 2024
Session 2: July 21 – August 2, 2024
home Residential
car Commuter

Student will explore marketing concepts and strategy that they can apply to their own lives and future careers. 

Meet our Program Leads

Tina Weber, Program Lead

School of Engineering

As a leader at the School of Engineering's Gordon Institute here at Tufts, Tina is a serial entrepreneur who enjoys helping companies with product market strategy and development. She is currently working on a new venture in the data-visualization space. She is also the founder/CEO of A Starting Line, a strategy firm whose clients include the Boston Asian American Film Festival. Previously, Tina was the Chief Engagement Officer of, responsible for launch strategy, customer acquisition and engagement. She was introduced to the startup world as one of the earliest employees of and Worth Interactive.

Tina has also served as the Director of Lean Startup Challenge, a startup accelerator program that provides guidance and mentoring based on the Lean Startup principles. She has mentored startup teams and judged for the Tufts $100k New Ventures Competition as well as helping student-run startups as an Expert-In-Residence in the Tufts Entrepreneurship Center’s Venture Accelerator. She has also mentored/coached startups at Harvard iLabs, Harvard University’s startup incubator.

Tina previously founded a marketing/technology consulting firm and has also worked at companies such as eBay Enterprise, e-Dialog, and Digitas; leading and managing teams to build/implement marketing and business intelligence solutions. Tina’s earlier career was spent leading technical and cross-functional teams on market analysis, business intelligence/reporting, SAP implementation, and business process re-engineering projects.

Will Trevor, Program Lead

School of Engineering

Will serves as the senior administrative leader of Tufts Gordon Institute and has overall responsibility for administrative and operational functions, including finance, personnel administration, faculty services and support, student services, research administration, facilities and property management, and health and safety. He is the primary liaison with other offices within the School of Engineering and Tufts University and serves to represent Tufts Gordon Institute and its administrative concerns as appropriate. Will's background is in marketing and higher education, and he has been involved in developing and managing online learning programs for over ten years.


Related 2-Week Intensive Programs

SMFA Graphic Design Certificate Bootcamp

July 29 – August 2, 2024
display Virtual

Spend a week this summer, from the comfort of your own home, diving into the Adobe Creative Cloud software tools, hearing from professional graphic designers, and exploring the intersection of art, technology, and design with this fully online offering from Tufts and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts.

Coding Academy

July 21 – August 2, 2024
for-credit Tufts Credit
home Residential
car Commuter

Enables students of all levels to establish a strong foundation in coding to solve real world problems.


Tufts Summer Accelerator


The Tufts Summer Accelerator is designed to provide students with a chance to immerse themselves in the undergraduate experience, allowing highly motivated students to engage in their own academic interests and develop their own ideas. Students enroll in two college-level seminars per two-week session, designed specifically for high school students. These seminars are small (15-20 students), discussion-based, interactive sessions in subject areas from across the University. 

Choose from a variety of seminar topics including Social Psychology of Prejudice, Discrimination, and RacismRussia's war on Ukraine: why, why now, and what's next...Introduction to Children's MediaArt, Truth, and Misinformation, and many more. 

Full Semester Course Offerings


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Summer Programs for Teens at Tufts University College

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