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The SMFA program at Tufts Pre-College was a great opportunity for me to explore art making in an open and welcoming environment. In classes so much freedom is given to each student to create art that is important to them. I think this was a helpful opportunity for students looking to build their portfolio for applications, as they were able to spend time purely developing these works. Even for students like me who are only going into junior year and aren’t sure if they are going to apply to art schools, there is room for experimentation as well as spending more time in mediums that you prefer.

My favorite part of this program was the trips we had to the local art museums, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. This was so enjoyable because you were  able to spend time with your friends outside of the classroom while still talking about and experiencing the art world. Additionally, following the trips some of our classes built on works we saw in the museums. Being in an environment where everyone is interested in the same things as you is so exciting and refreshing. Even with people in other programs, the mostly integrated residential life made it easy to socialize and make friends. After spending only 3 weeks at Tufts Pre-College I’ll have stepped away with close friends that are sure to last a while and a new insight into the art world.