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Applications Open for Summer 2024 Tufts Pre-College Programs!


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I was fortunate to be able to participate in Tufts Pre-College summer program, specifically in International Relations (IR). I was also given the opportunity to become Social Media Ambassador, to represent IR this summer.

Being Social Media Ambassador really made me have to go out of my comfort zone. At home, I’m known to be very introverted and have a low social battery. But, when I becameSocial Media Ambassador I had to try and put myself out there. I wanted to capture every moment and when there was a field trip, have that moment set in stone, well set into digital stone. Because I'm so introverted the way I got to capture the program was by going on the trips that were hosted. I started off with the IR field trip, which was at the JFK Library. I enjoyed the experienced and was able to take pictures as if I was a tourist. I not only took pictures but I did meet one of my now good friends there. We not only went to the JFK Library, but we also pretended to be in the Senate. I was surprised by my classmates on how well they can come up with amazing speeches on the spot! The next trip was to Boston, Quincy Market. This trip was planned for the IR students because we end class later than the other programs. I was able to connect with one of my neighbors there! I took many pictures with her and of our surroundings!The other trips were to Harvard Square (two times) and MIT. During all of these trips I was able to connect with people, I don't really talk to.I was able to share my experiences through my Instagram stories.

I recapped my days in these stories and was able to share that excitement and happiness with my friends at home and the new people I had bonded with in the program. Even though I wasn't the extroverted person I wanted to be, I was still able to capture the program the way I experienced it. In the end, I was really grateful for this opportunity. I really wish the program could've been longer because I was just starting to come out of my shell. But, I’m so happy for all the friends that I made along the way, even though that does sound cheesy.