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I had the best two weeks of my life at Tufts Mini-Med school. My favorite part of the program was my time spent in the Simulation Lab. We learned how to place an IV, perform CPR, check for proper heart and lung sounds, how to measure blood pressure, and how to intubate a patient. What was most exciting was practicing all the skills on lifelike mannequins. The arm for the IVs bled (fake blood) while other models spoke, breathed, and blinked. At the end of the program, our knowledge and mastery of the skills were tested in a simulation.

In addition to the immense learning that occurred during the program, I also made some incredible friends. It was exciting to meet so many people who had the same passions and goals that I did. Furthermore, I met some great mentors who gave advice that I will take with me on my path to med school.