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Tufts Pre-College Programs

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At Tufts, our Pre-College Programs offer ambitious high school students the opportunity to learn from renowned faculty and experience a rigorous academic environment at a leading higher education institution.  Spots are still available in some of our summer programs. Don't miss out, Apply Today!

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Summer 2021 Pre-College Programs at a Glance

What Tufts Pre-College Students had to say...

Courses and professors are great! They are kind, approachable, understanding, and helpful... I have had many new experiences and perspectives about living and my interests.

The program really provided me with a college experience that was totally different from high school. Having more free time and more work really improved my time management. Also I love the atmosphere in college so much that I’m sure this is the right place for me to shine.

I loved the diversity in the people at this program and this program introduced me to people from all over the world.

I love the classes I’ve been taking... I made lots of good friends here that I’ll cherish for the rest of my life.

I like the freedom and the fact that this felt a lot like college… Additionally, I was really fond of my classes and my professor. The classes were amazing and it was a new and better learning experience for me

[This program] is the best thing a rising senior or junior could do with his/her summer.

A scintillating academic experience that I'm extremely lucky to have had.

“[Your] student will grow a lot in this program, and will become a more mature student and adult for their future studies.

During our discussions, [our CA] provided us with thought-provoking questions and ensured that we heard from a number of perspectives. More importantly, though, [he] challenged our assertions and ideas and pushed us to think about the implications of what we were claiming.

I signed up for Tufts IR Pre-College hoping to expand my understanding of global issues. And while I have done this, in many ways, these two weeks helped me see how little I know and how much there still is to discover in terms of academically studying the world, but also personally learning from it.

Tufts Pre-College Programs

As a Tufts alumni, it was wonderful to have [my student] experience life at Tufts! He commented that the lectures were informative and interesting, the language classes were engaging, and the staff were very helpful overall

I am very pleased that my son really enjoyed the topics discussed and learning a new language was an exciting challenge. He formed new friendships with his classmates and found the staff helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. A great experience, all around!

It's a great way to spend your summer getting to know all the different people with different cultural backgrounds. It's also a good representation of what college life will be like.

Stay in the Know...

Join our Pre-College mailing list today and learn more about the programs of your choice.

Why Tufts Pre-College?

Why Tufts Pre-College?

  • Choose from 100+ Tufts courses
  • Earn college credit in select programs
  • Learn from renowned Tufts faculty
  • Make meaningful connections with students from across the world
  • Get a taste of the undergraduate academic experience, virtually



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