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A crucial element in ensuring that University College is fully integrated into the university as a whole, and that our activities are consistent with the mission and values of Tufts, are the 22 elected faculty members representing all the schools, who along with the Dean and Associate Dean, Provost, President, and President of the Senate, comprise the University College Faculty. The functions of the Faculty include advising the Dean on educational policy, approving and reviewing programs, overseeing the admission of students and recommending them for degrees, and advising the Provost on the appointment of the Dean.  The Faculty is divided into two standing committees: the Non-Degree Programs Committee and the University-Wide Degree Committee.  We are proud of this very distinguished and innovative group of colleagues, representing the wide-range of fields and research and teaching interests from across Tufts’ unique constellation of schools.

University College Faculty


University President: Anthony P. Monaco

Provost and Senior Vice President: Caroline Genco

President of the Faculty Senate: Jette Steen Knudsen, Fletcher

Dean of University College, Joseph Auner

Associate Dean of University College, Jessica Bates

AY 2022-2023

School of Arts & Sciences 
Matthew Harrington, PhD
Noe Montez, PhD
Ethan Murrow, MFA
David Proctor, PhD
Kim Ruane, PhD

School of Dental School 
Y. Natalie Jeong, DMD
Aruna Ramesh, DMD 

School of Engineering
Alva Couch, PhD
Merredith Portsmore, PhD

The Fletcher School
Ian Johnstone, JD, LLM
Monica Duffy Toft, PhD 

The Friedman School 
Lynne M. Ausman, DSc
Diane McKay, PhD 

The Cummings School 
Megan K. Mueller, PhD
David Lee-Parritz, DVM 

School of Medicine
Berri Jacque, PhD 
Fernando Ona, PhD
Maher Tabba, MD

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
David M. Kent, MD  
Li Zeng, PhD, Co-Secretary

Tisch College 
Peter Levine, PhD

Standing Committees

Co-Secretaries: Li Zeng, Vickie Sullivan (sabbatical AY2022-2023)

University-Wide Degree Programs Committee
The University-Wide Degree Programs Committee reviews and approves proposals for new degree programs or changes therein, periodically evaluates existing programs, and recommends to the Faculty additions, modifications, or deletions in programs.

Lynne Ausman, Friedman 

Alva Couch, SOE 

Matthew Harrington, A&S

Natalie Jeong, Dental 

David Kent, Sackler 

Peter Levine, Tisch 

Noe Montez, A&S

Megan Mueller, Cummings 

Maher Tabba, TUSM 

Monica Toft, Fletcher 

Li Zeng, GSBS, Co-Secretary

Non-Degree Programs Committee

The Non-Degree Programs Committee establishes and oversees policies that are concerned with the operation and development of the non-degree programs in University College. The Committee also reviews non-degree programs at the direction of the Dean. 

Berri Jacque, TUSM 

Ian Johnstone, Fletcher 

David Lee-Paritz, Cummings 

Diane McKay, Friedman 

Ethan Murrow, SMFA 

Fernando Ona, TUSM 

Merredith Portsmore, SOE 

David Proctor, A&S

Aruna Ramesh, Dental 

Kim Ruane, A&S