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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates for University College (Updated 1.31.2023)

This page will continue to be updated with the most relevant information about COVID-19 protocols for students participating in any program, course, or workshop offered through the University College.  Details about protocols are refined as the public health situation evolves.

If you have questions that are not answered by one of the resources below or by the Tufts University COVID-19 website, please email or


Current Protocols:

All in-person students, including workshop and program participants, are required to be vaccinated a COVID-19 vaccination and at least one booster. Flu shots are strongly encouraged. Details below.

Student COVID-19 protocols are determined by categories related to time spent on campus.  Students are responsible for understanding and abiding by their requirements, which are dependent on the duration and format of educational offering.  

For the safety of our community, all staff and faculty on campus have been required to submit proof of vaccination.

See the categories in this table to understand your requirements:

Student Category


Boosters are required for all eligible

Testing Schedule-

Efforts to carefully reduce testing are being made in phases.


Masks must be disposable 3-ply or high quality KN95 masks.

Examples of University College Programming

Visiting (non-degree)* students who are taking in-person courses that are 2 weeks or more in duration.




COVID vaccine and at least one booster required.

Flu shot strongly encouraged.

Documentation submitted via survey.

Any exemptions for medical or religious reasons must be reviewed by OEO. (See Exemption section below).

No testing required.

Rapid antigen testing will be available for symptomatic individuals with an active Tufts ID. Tufts ID holders may take two rapid antigen tests per week.








Masks indoors are recommended, but considered optional.

(Subject to change)



Courses at Tufts, Courses at Tufts for High School

In-person pre-college programs 

Some SMFA CE workshops and all SMFA courses


Visiting (non-degree)* students who are taking an in-person course or workshop that is less than 2 weeks in duration.



COVID vaccine and at least one booster required. Carry vaccine card with you.

Flu shot strongly required. 

Use attestation for any required medical or religious exemption (see Exemption section below).


No testing required

Some short SMFA CE Workshops


Visiting (non-degree)* students who are fully online


COVID vaccine and at least one booster required; bring proof of vaccination card with you at all times if you chose to visit campus.

Flu shot strongly required. 

Use attestation for any required medical or religious exemption (see Exemption section below).

No testing required

All mask protocols (above) must be followed if you visit campus.

Online or Virtual Courses at Tufts (including SMFA CE virtual courses)


Leadership workshops

*Visiting/ non degree students are also known as “non-matriculated” students; this means anyone who is taking an educational offering at Tufts but who is not a full-time or part-time Tuft’s student enrolled in a degree program. 

^ Any pre-college residential student who tests positive for COVID-19 must be picked up from campus by a parent or guardian with in 24 hours of the positive test (48 hours for international students).  Students will be in isolation during this time. Please know that departure from a program due to COVID-19 does not warrant a refund. Please see Refund policies for more details.

How to Submit Vaccine Proof

Visiting Students and Pre-College Program Students:

Tufts is using a centralized survey to collect vaccine information in a secure, HIPAA-compliant manner. Follow the steps below to complete this requirement:

  1. Use this survey to submit your vaccine proof informations
  2. Enter your UTLN
    1.  if you don’t have one, enter your name, and email address you used for registration.
  3. Identify your affiliation with Tufts as “Courses at Tufts student" or "Pre-college"
  4. Upload your proof of vaccination and booster. 

If you intend to apply for a medical or religious accommodation and will not be vaccinated, see “Accommodations on Medical or Religious Grounds” section below.

Students in Short Courses (less than 14 consecutive days on campus)

Bring your vaccine documentation to class; this will be verified as you enter.

How to Test
  • Testing is free for Tufts members with a Tufts ID.
  • Tests are now rapid antigen and available for symptomatic students.
  • Students will need their Tufts photo id for their testing.
    • In order to take a test, you must first obtain a Tufts Student ID. If you don’t already have an ID, you can get an ID by uploading a photo to at least three business days before your first COVID-19 test. IDs can be picked up at the locations in this link. It is HIGHLY recommended to upload a photo in advance.
      • You can also have an ID generated the same day that you test but there will be a 30-45 minute delay between when your ID is generated and when you can take your test.
  • All testing locations and hours may be found here:
    • Medford:  62R Talbot Ave - Medford, MA; See Testing Calendar link for hours
    • SMFA: 230 Fenway - Boston, MA; see Testing Calendar link for hours 
    • Boston (Health Sciences): 116 Harrison Ave - Boston, MA; see Testing Calendar link for hours
Masking on Campus

Masking indoors is recommended, though not mandatory. 

This is subject to change if the public health situation evolves.



By registering in any UC program, you are agreeing to be compliant with all COVID-19 protocols around testing, vaccines, masking, and time on campus.  University College will monitor the vaccine compliance of all students who are enrolled in courses, workshops, or programs that are in-person and more than 14 consecutive days in duration. 

Failure to be compliant with your vaccine requirements may result in removal from the registration without a refund.

Please note that departure from a program due to COVID does not warrant a refund. Please see refund policies for additional information. 

Accommodations on Medical or Religious Grounds

Students in courses or programs that are 2 weeks or longer:

If you have a sincerely held religious conflict or a medical contraindication with the COVID-19 vaccine, you may request an exemption from the vaccine requirement. Exemptions require official documentation from a doctor or religious leader.

  • Exemptions due to medical contraindications: 
    • Complete this form:
    • This requires a signature from your physician
    • Send completed form to
    • Let the UC team know about this request; otherwise, you will receive messaging about being out of compliance.  ( or
    • You will be notified when your case is reviewed
  • Exemptions one religious grounds:

Note: exemptions on philosophical grounds are not recognized by Massachusetts

Timeline for review: This review process takes several business days. Official approval must be received before the course or program starts, so we recommend submitting all materials 1-2 weeks prior to the start of the course or program.

Failure to be in compliance is grounds for removal from a course without a refund.

Students in courses or programs that are less than 2 weeks long:

Use this attestation for exemptions; you do not need to submit a request to OEO for processing.  Please print, sign, and bring the attestation with you to campus.