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The School of Arts & Sciences, including the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, and the School of Engineering are pleased to offer Alumni of Tuft University’s Degree and Certificate programs a substantial discount on the audit rate for Summer Session Courses in their schools.

2019 Audit Rates

  • School of Arts & Sciences: $325; a 75% discount for up to two courses for the entire summer
  • School of Engineering: $325; a 75% discount for up to two courses for the entire summer
  • School of the Museum of Fine Arts: $896; a 10% discount for up to two courses for the entire summer
    • Note: not available for Intensives & Workshops (Continuing Education courses)
    • Payment in full is due at time of registration for all SMFA classes

For a listing of available courses, consult the audit course directory. Please note that not all courses are offered on an audit (not-for-credit) basis. We encourage you to explore our much broader offering of for-credit courses and consider joining the many Visiting Students, Adults, and Professional Learners in each of our Summer courses!

Please check with your tax preparer to understand any tax implications that might arise from this discount.

To qualify, you must:

  • A verified graduate of a Degree or Certificate program at Tufts University
  • Registered as an “audit” (not-for-credit) student in a summer course offered by the School of Arts & Sciences, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, or the School of Engineering

Alumni Auditor Registration Instructions

  1. Submit the ASE Alumni Auditor Application.  This is a very brief form that asks for your name and date of graduation.
  2. You will need to create a Student Profile in our enrollment system to start the application, and to complete the enrollment process.
    1. You will create a username and password at this point that will give you access to our enrollment system.
    2. Access to the enrollment system will allow you to easily enroll and pay for classes, drop classes, request refunds, and submit applications when needed.
  3. After you submit the ASE Alumni Auditor Application, a Summer Session staff member will approve your application and email a “Discount Code” that you can use when checking out.
  4. Use the links above to search for either an audit or summer course for credit or workshop.
  5. Add a course section to your cart
    1. A one-time, non-refundable $65 application fee will be applied to your cart at point of check out.
  6. Proceed to Check Out. In your Cart, be sure you choose the correct credit type, Non-Credit: Auditor, since this will affect the tuition rate
    1. Enter the “Discount Code” where prompted.   
  7. Complete your check out process by paying in full, a deposit, or requesting an invoice. Please note that SMFA courses and workshops must be paid in full at time of registration.

Other policies

  • Please visit the Billing & Payments page for instructions and information on paying for Summer Session classes.
  • This discounted rate is not available to students:
    • Taking courses for credit
    • Taking Summer Study Abroad or Intensives & Workshops (incl. SMFA Continuing Ed.)
    • Taking courses in any other Schools at Tufts University 
  • Determination of courses eligible for Audit is at the discretion of Tufts Summer Session and this listing is subject to change. Online Courses are explicitly excluded from this program.
  • Participants are eligible to take up to two courses per Summer under this program
  • Eligibility for the Alumni Audit program requires verifiable completion of a Tufts University degree or certificate program (including those at the SMFA).
  • Enrollment as an auditor is offered on a space available basis, which is determined by Tufts Summer Session and the course instructor
  • Auditors are subject to any and all Tufts University policies and procedures concerning enrollment as a visiting student. Tufts University reserves the right to rescind audit enrollment at any time.
  • Current Tufts students are not eligible to participate in the summer Community & Alumni Audit program. Students who are enrolled in degree or certificate programs, who are on leave from degree or certificate programs, or who will enroll at Tufts in degree or certificate programs in the next fall term are ineligible. Determination of eligibility will be made by Tufts Summer Session