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Tufts Summer Session 2022

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Welcome to Tufts Summer Session 2022

Here at Tufts we pride ourselves on hosting a diverse group of students in our Summer Sessions I and II.  Registration is now open for all programs and courses, with a variety of virtual, online and on-campus options.  Whether you are a high school student looking for the rigor and excitement of what a college education could be, a Tufts undergraduate or visiting student looking to fulfill some requirements this summer, or an adult learner looking to further your career or pursue an outside interest, Tufts Summer Session 2022, has something for any student, with flexible schedules and locations including online and throughout Massachusetts.



What's New This Summer...

Continuing and Professional Education

This summer we have over 200 new and popular returning courses for all audiences, including things like Serving a Healthy Diet,  Public Speaking,  Chemical Fundamentals, Computer aided design, or Urban Sociology. Or maybe you are more interested in the Arts, our School of the Museum of Fine Arts Continuing Education is offering courses like Web Design I or Digital Photography Introduction, or NEW this summer, Virtual Reality I and II.  Whatever it is your looking for, Tufts Summer Session has something for you!

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K-8 Summer Programs

NEW this summer and ENROLLING NOW, our Pre-College team, in addition to our visiting high school students, will be welcoming elementary and middle school students for our in-person Design and Engineering Workshops on Tufts’ Medford campus. Students entering grades 1-8 will engage in open-ended engineering design challenges that will help them gain experience in engineering design, as well as critique, collaboration, and other group-work skills. Since engineering is not just about the technical aspects, design challenges will employ students to develop empathy for clients who are having problems, while counselors help students make connections to other students.

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Certificate in Virtual Reality

NEW - The certificate in Virtual Reality brings a flexible, intensive, skills-oriented program to students and professionals interested in the intersection of art and technology. Through six short online asynchronous courses, students are given the skills to tackle virtual reality environment design for application in a variety of fields.

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Pre-College Programs

This summer Tufts Pre-College Programs will offer a variety of in-person and virtual programs for high school students like you, who are looking for the rigorous challenges of college level academia, with the potential of earning college credits and experiencing our robust campus-life, student, faculty and staff networking, as well as social opportunities. We have something for everyone this summer, check out all of our programs today. Applications close May 1st, don't miss out!

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I had the wonderful opportunity to take a public speaking course this summer through Tufts. This class was extremely engaging, despite the restrictions of online learning. We began each lesson with exercises, each student would alternate leading the class on warmups, we were given time to produce a short speech to present during class time, and had a chance to watch videos of successful speeches to emulate. Our assignments included recording a draft speech to be uploaded onto Canvas, and we gave comments and suggestions to our classmates to help them improve for the final speech. This particular course opened my eyes to the beauty of speaking in public and the communication skills needed to interact with others. I felt the progress and improvement by the end of this program and can’t believe my development throughout those weeks.

Public Speaking - Student, 2020

Robert Siegelman's approach of confidence, play and experimentation is exactly what I need right now. Helping me lean into my own ideas, and also stretch my awareness both through seeing a huge variety of work and by communicating with the other students in the class. His stressing a daily practice is also life changing.

Mixed Media Drawing - Student, 2020

I very truly enjoyed the class that I took. The instructor was amazing. My classmates were gifted. Taking the course persuaded me to begin working on my application materials to apply to a graduate certificate in UEP

Tufts - Student, 2021

"I loved the small group exercises such as the case studies and the hands-on labs that were very informative and engaging. I also like the surgeon information meeting because it provided a lot of insight into the effort and time needed to become a successful physician."

Mini-Med Student, 2021

My son goes to a variety of camps every summer, each with a different focus. This was BY FAR his favorite program. He enjoyed every minute and came home super excited and over eager to share about his day, which is not typical. Keep up the great work!

Parent of a 2nd Grade Workshop Participant

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