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This course serves as an introduction to genetics, building on student prior knowledge of Mendelian Genetics Principles, to provide a solid knowledge and understanding of the basic principles of Genetics for research in eukaryotes, and how they have developed as the field has matured.The goal of this course is to teach students modern methods of genetic analysis of model organisms, ranging from simple eukaryotic yeast to humans. Students will learn how to use molecular genetics to answer biological questions and read current literature in genetics.The second part of the course will introduce mouse as the main model for studies of human biology, development and disease. It will start with mouse genetics, will continue with classical genetic analyses in the mouse, and will move to genetic basis of immunological phenomena such as receptor editing, B-cell tolerance and autoimmunity. These lectures are designed to teach concepts that will be discussed in greater depth in the JAX Spring term GENE 205 / BMS 635: Mammalian Genetics Course. Experience with reading current primary literature in the field will also be included. At the completion of the course, two lectures and hands-on workshops will have familiarized students with the basics of microarray analysis and next generation sequencing (NGS).

Affiliated With:

  • Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences