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Understanding the fundamentals of human bioelectricity in the contest of physiology and pathology will be a prime goal. The course is meant to bridge the biophysical and the physiological fields. Indeed, it will be composed of two sections: the first one will be biophysical-oriented and the second one pathophysiological-oriented. The course will be composed of lectures, a final project and 2 quizzes. The biophysical properties of ion channels in excitable and non-excitable membranes will be discussed in the first section to understand how electricity arises in cells. The electrophysiological processes in mammalian cells and their dysregulations will be the focus of the second section to understand how electricity shapes cell and tissue functions. Fundamental issues regarding generation of electric signals, their impact on the physiology and pathology will be covered, along with some of the basic approaches to record and manipulate voltage membrane. The relevance of electrophysiological approaches and knowledge in modern research (basic as well as clinical-oriented research) will be emphasized.


A sample of the syllabus for this course can be found here


Please Note: Syllabus dates, content, and format are subject to change between now and the summer session 

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