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How to Register

Learn how to enroll in a course at Tufts University whether you are looking to earn credits, pursue a passion, or just continue your learning journey.
Looking to enroll in a Courses at Tufts offering, we are here to help. Whether you are a current matriculated Tufts student who found your way here, or  you are new to Tufts as either a visiting student or adult professional, we can help you to take the necessary next steps to get there.  Our team is here and always available to answer any questions you may have or support you in any way, you can reach us by email at or by phone at (617) 627-0609.
Tufts Undergraduate & Graduate Students Click Here

Online Registration

Tufts students register through SIS as they do for regular academic year courses.

For open enrollment courses and workshops being offered during the Fall and Spring, students will register in SIS and new charges will be placed on their student account in line with the fees for the course or program.

For open enrollment courses and workshops offered during the Summer and Winter terms, students should:

  1. Go to SIS
  2. Click on “Classes Tab”
  3. Click on “Summer Activation” or "Winter Activation"

After registration, summer and/or winter tuition and fees will be added to your student account.  Click on payment policies for more information. Changes to your enrollment (drop, add, withdrawal) can be completed in SIS. Please see the academic calendar for more details on timing.  

For additional information about Summer Session and how you will register, visit us at the Student Life website today.

Please note: all communications will be sent to your Tufts email address.

How to Register as a Non-Matriculated (Visiting) Student

Registering for Courses at Tufts as a non-matriculated student is easy!

Step 1: Visit the Courses List and search or browse for the course and section in which you would like to enroll

  • Students enrolling in for credit courses may enroll in up to 8 credits per term
  • High School students: There are a certain number of courses available to you each academic period here at Tufts ! Please see the program page for all program policies, requirements, and details.

Step 2: Add courses to your cart, noting that if a course has multiple sections, you should choose the section that works for you.

Step 3: Check out by clicking the cart at the top right-hand corner of your screen.

  1. Choose the correct credit type, if there are options, be sure to choose the correct credit type since this may affect the tuition rate. Many of our courses are available for undergraduate credit, graduate credit, and on a not-for-credit / audit basis.
    • High School students: please be sure to select "Undergraduate Level" credit type, if not selecting from a predetermined "open to high schoolers" list. Please see the program page for all program policies, requirements, and details.
  2. Create a student profile, or log in, to proceed through checkout. If you are a new student, you will create a username and password which will give you access to our Courses at Tufts enrollment site. There is an option on the screen for password recovery if you have forgotten your password.
    • Access to the enrollment system will allow you to easily enroll and pay for classes, drop classes, request refunds, and submit applications when needed.
  3. Fill out an application, if prompted to do so. You may need to fill out a brief application(s) depending on the course or enrollment type you select. If an application is required before registering, then you will be guided to it before completing your check out.

Step 4: Pay for the course. During the process you will be directed to our secure payment processing system so you can pay for your course(s) with a credit card. There is a $65 registration fee per academic year that you will be charged during checkout. All payments in full are due by the first day of the term. Although some courses require payment in full, many courses have three payment options:

  1. Pay in full with a credit card
  2. Pay a tuition deposit with a credit card. You will be required to pay the difference via Tufts’ Student Information System before the course begins.
  3. Request to pay by invoice. This option is intended for those who need to pay their entire tuition via eCheck. Your seat in the course is not guaranteed until an invoice is generated by the Registrar (this may take up to 48 hours). You will be required to pay tuition via Tufts’ Student Information System before the course begins.

Step 5: Payment confirmation and a receipt will be emailed to you after checking out.

Step 6: Additional information may be required to finalize your enrollment in the course. The course description of each course should note what is required. Many courses have no requirements, but some courses may require other materials (e.g., an unofficial transcript, an email indicating instructor approval for the course, a short writing sample, etc. If your course has additional requirements, you will be prompted to send us these materials at this point in the registration process. All materials are due by the first day of the term. If we do not receive these materials, you will be withdrawn from the course and receive a refund in full.

  • High School students: your Courses at Tufts for High School application will appear at this point. Please be sure to complete all required questions. Details about application requirements, admissions, policies, and all program details can be found on the program page. If you have any questions or issues with your application or registration process, feel free to contact the Pre-College team by email at or by phone at 617.627.2926 anytime.

English Proficiency Requirement

The ability to study in the English language is a requirement. To confirm basic proficiency in written and spoken English, Courses at Tufts requires that non-native/primary English speakers provide a recent score from a test of English as a second language.

Acceptable Documentation Courses at Tufts Tufts Pre-College Programs**
Paper-Based TOEFL N/A 600 or above
Computer-Based TOEFL N/A 250 or above
Internet-Based TOEFL 100 or above 90 or above
IELTS 7.0 or above 6.5 or above
CET-4 N/A 550 or above
CET-6 N/A 520 or above
Duolingo 120 or above 110 or above
Intermediate English course N/A Unofficial transcript demonstrating B+ or higher in the last 2 years
All-English University, High School, or Middle School* Unofficial transcript demonstrating 1+ years Unofficial transcript demonstrating 1+ years attended in good standing

*Accepted by most courses or programs

** Courses for Tufts for High school required the English Language Scores of Courses at Tufts, because students will be enrolled in a University-level course.

Additional Information for International Students

  1. Check “English Proficiency Requirement” above, if English is not your primary language
  2. Understand your Visa Options and Requirements
    1. Your visa requirements may be different depending on the program in which you are participating, as well as your current US immigration situation, if applicable.
    2. The Tufts International Center is responsible for assisting students on visa options and requirements.  For more information about visa options, go to, or send an e-mail to
    3. Enroll in Courses (follow the “Online Registration” process above)

Student Credentials and Post-Registration

After you enroll you will receive emails from Tufts University to set you up with your official Tufts username and email account. This will give you access to all of the systems you need for your course, including Tufts email, the library databases, Canvas, and the Student Information Center. If you already have an official Tufts username (eg: jsmith01) from a previous enrollment, then it will be reactivated after you enroll.

  1. Validate your student credentials through email. A few days after enrolling in a course you will receive three emails from the Tufts' Student Information System:
    1. Email 1: Directions on how to proceed
    2. Email 2: Your Tufts Student ID Number
    3. Email 3: A link to Tufts Tools where you will enter your Tufts Student ID and create your Tufts Password
  2. Accessing Tufts' Student Information System (SIS) As a visiting Tufts student, SIS is where you can access your course schedule, request a transcript, and view final grades.­­­­ This is also the platform you will access if you need to pay down a tuition balance after enrolling.

Questions and Communication

Please call 617-627-2000 for any questions or issues

You will receive emails from Tufts throughout the process and you may always contact us at any time with questions.

Technical Support: If you encounter issues setting up your official Tufts username and email account, please call the 24x7 IT Helpdesk at (617) 627-3376.