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Not all pathogens affect us the same way. The lifecycle of the pathogen and the special tools it uses to infect the host has a great effect on how our bodies respond and the diseases they cause. In this course, we will talk about some of the more common pathogens (such as MRSA, E. coli, and Clostridium) and how they make us sick. You will learn about the evolutionary costs and benefits of various tools that help a pathogen become virulent. We?ll also talk about the unique hurdles of viruses undergo to facilitate their spread, including an enzyme HIV uses that is shared by no living organism.This course is intended for high school science instructors as part of the Teaching the Great Diseases program.Pre-requisites: It is recommended that students have an understanding what an infectious disease is and what causes it (covered in BIED 201 ? Why should we care about infectious diseases?)This course aligns with the Infectious Disease Unit 4: How do pathogens make us sick? of the Great Diseases high school curriculum

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  • School of Medicine - Public Health & Professional Degrees