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This course provides a foundation in key theories and frameworks for understanding gender issues across disciplines. Drawing on key texts from the fields of anthropology, philosophy, post-colonial theory, women’s and gender studies, feminist theory, international relations, development economics, environmental studies and beyond, students will explore the role of gender and gender relations across the spheres of social, cultural, political, economic and religious life. The course syllabus seeks to capture the diversity of identities and viewpoints that are reflected in theoretical conversations about gender. While many of these debates are commonly discussed with reference to international studies, this course will also wade into the realm of the domestic, exploring how gender theories manifest in reproduction, labor, and peacetime relationships. Discussions will draw out intersectional themes and invite students to reflect on how to apply these theories and approaches to issues of race, social class, and other dimensions of identity and privilege.

Affiliated With:

  • Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy