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Third World, Black Diasporic, and postcolonial theory, including Hartman, Brand, Morrison, Guha, Spivak, Said, Gramsci, Hall, Fanon, Mohanty, among others. Study of structures of colonialism, modes of resistance, and the processes of creative response among the colonized. Analysis of debates around memory, archive, reparations, and redress in the aftermath of imperial and colonial processes. Study of local and transnational histories, and social and cultural forces that critique, resist or counteract imperialism. Analysis of capital and power. Attention to gender, sexuality, ideas about embodiment and selfhood.
Basic Enrollment Requirements: Unofficial Transcript - Bachelor's + 3.0 GPA

Instructor Approval: Not required

Remission Eligible: Yes, first day of term; all university policies apply

Refund Policy: For-Credit 3+ Weeks

Affiliated With:

School of Arts & Sciences