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Course Description

Food businesses (the companies that process, manufacture, distribute, serve, and sell food) transform the very nature of what we eat and establish the economic, social and environmental terms that shape much of the food system. This course examines the dominant food system, exploring its undesirable outcomes and the emerging opportunities to feed a growing population in a manner that is reliable, equitable, healthy, and sustainable. Students will learn about industry-led initiatives that attempt to balance the drive for profits with their social and environmental goals. We will also explore how governments, nonprofit organizations, and communities are trying to reshape the food system. To provide context, the course reviews such topics as food system policy, environmental impacts, nutrition, public health, and food equity. If you are a Tufts undergraduate student please contact This course is offered January 15, 2020-April 19, 2020. Final grades are posted May 11, 2020.

Affiliated With:

  • Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy