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Course Description

Theory and techniques for recording, editing, and producing acoustic music, and principles of audio system design. Topics include acoustics, audio perception, physics and electronics of transducers, analog and digital audio principles, stereo and multitrack recording, mixing, virtual instruments, and synchronization. Additional material in circuit design, signal flow, and analog and digital audio theory. Develop technical and listening skills to understand and evaluate the aesthetics of recorded sound, and an understanding of how circuits and components influence the sound of a recording. Students may not receive credit for both Music 140 and 142. Music 142 is required for the Recording & Production emphasis of the Music Engineering minor. Recommendations: Ability to play an instrument, musical literacy, MATH 30 or 32 or equivalent, PHY 1 and 2 or equivalent, and one of the following: ES 3, EE21, ME 93-01, EN 1-02. Permission of instructor required.

Affiliated With:

  • School of Arts & Sciences