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Course Description

This interactive online workshop empowers emerging leaders in any field or profession with the skills for making meaningful connections in all aspects of your work. Regardless of our roles and responsibilities, leaders and those seeking leadership roles are tasked with making authentic connections throughout our workdays. Connections that inspire in some way – whether it’s a spontaneous networking opportunity, a formal presentation, or a high stakes sales pitch. Authenticity is what ultimately inspires people to take action. Engaging audiences and telling stories that move people means shifting your focus from whats and hows to whys. Coming from a place of authenticity helps you feel something, empathize, and make much needed connections. This one-day workshop will help you develop the skills to go from being competent presenters to engaging storytellers. Topics will include “finding your passion,” “storytellers that move us,” “fundamentals of good presentation skills,” “crafting your story,” and “sharing your ‘pitch’". Participants will gain a sharper focus on how coming from a place of authenticity will help:

  • Foster more meaningful relationships with teams and others with whom you work
  • Communicate about your work and your organization in more relatable ways, potentially advancing sales and other crucial conversations
  • Be a more memorable job candidate in interviews
  • Build confidence in your leadership skills

Elizabeth McCarthy has spent the last 20+ years helping brands bridge the gap between their offering and their consumers’ needs. Most recently she was with C Space (formerly Communispace) where she consulted with Fortune 500 companies including Hewlett Packard, Charles Schwab, Bank of America, Citi, Meredith Corporation, Kraft Foods and Weight Watchers and helped them understand how to make their brand, products, experiences and messaging relevant to the people they serve. She gets to this level of deep understanding by establishing trust, getting into hearts and minds and ultimately surfacing what moves people to action. She currently runs her own strategic facilitation consulting practice, helping organizations think through tough challenges and new/different ways to solve and teaches Entrepreneurial Leadership at Tufts University. 

Affiliated With:

  • University College