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Cortical regions of the brain

Right now complex patterns of photons of light are leaving this computer screen and hitting a thin piece of tissue at the back of your eye. Not only are you detecting those complex light patterns, but you are also interpreting their meaning. Based on that meaning, you will soon decide to move your hand to guide the computer cursor to click on the "enroll" button. How is all this possible? How does your body detect external stimuli, derive meaning from them, and let you make decisions and interact with the world? This course will begin to unravel this mystery. Here you will learn the fundamentals of the human nervous system and basics of how the nervous system resounds to external stimuli. This course is intended for high school science instructors as part of the Teaching the Great Diseases program. Pre-requisites: Basic fundamentals of animal biology (cell theory, evolution, genetics) recommended.


This is an online course that will not meet on campus. Most course activities and interactions will occur asynchronously and online through Tufts Canvas, the university's learning management system. You can take this course from anywhere, as long as you have a reliable internet connection (broadband highly recommended).

Online courses are held to the same academic standards as campus-based courses and students can expect high levels of interaction with faculty and classmates. Online courses at Tufts are not self-paced, however they offer much more flexibility for students. Typically, course content is organized in a weekly structure, so students will be expected to login and participate regularly. However students can generally set their own schedule within each week as long as assignments and activities are completed on time.

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