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Course Description

(Cross-listed as LAS 4) Continues the review of fundamentals of grammar begun in POR 3 and encourages the development of a large active vocabulary and a greater awareness of Portuguese-speaking cultures. It aims at developing a level of language proficiency sufficient for survival in unusual or complicated situations (i.e., coping with an unforeseen event); and at participating in conversations about practical topics and current events. There will be regular lab assignments, compositions, class discussions, debates and oral presentations. Students are required to register for a recitation section that consists of a weekly 40-minute conversation group. Conducted in Portuguese. Writing Workshop Section (WW) - Students will use writing as a means to become more deeply engaged in the readings and films, develop critical thinking, and improve their writing and discussion skills in Portuguese. No extra graded work will be assigned. The workshop will provide the opportunity to map ideas for compositions, engage in peer discussion of drafts, and have individual conferences with the instructor. The writing workshop requires an extra 50 minutes of class time each week, and in recognition of the extra time commitment, a record of participation will appear on the student's transcript. Participants must register for both POR 004 and POR 004WW.Recommendations: POR 3 or equivalent.

Affiliated With:

  • School of Arts & Sciences