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Course Description

This series of three leadership workshops will cover the topics outlined below.

The core benefit derived from all three workshop sessions is developing authentic/human leadership skills - starting with discovering and articulating your passion for the work you do, leaning into this passion as a means to inspire those around you, and understanding how to lead with empathy and advocacy to create and sustain meaningful relationships. This human-centered leadership approach arms participants with the knowledge, confidence, skills and self-understanding necessary to ground and grow their roles as leaders (whether in title or in influence) across different types of businesses and organizations. 

1. Leading with presence to engage and inspire those around you

  • Being a human leader - the importance of coming from a place of why and articulating passions and aspirations
  • Engaging and inspiring those around us - understanding the importance of storytelling (the stories help to substantiate our why and motivate audiences to take some sort of action) and embracing vulnerability as a means to instilling confidence

2. Listening without bias to foster relationship building

  • Zero in on the key tenets of listening so that:
    • All voices are contributing to a conversation
    • All people feel heard and understood
    • Together we work better, with greater purpose and empathy

3. Navigating difficult conversations

  • Explore triggers that get in the way of fully receiving feedback
  • Discuss strategies for how best to manage these triggers
  • Talk through optimal approaches to giving feedback

Basic Enrollment Requirements: None.

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  • University College