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Drawing of inside of the brain by by Santiago Ramón y Cajal

This course explores the various ways scientists have attempted to study the brain. We will cover the history of neuroscience research and explain how neuroscientists use patient case studies, animal models, and imaging techniques. This will enable us to understand how the brain works both generally and in the context of specific functions, such as how we experience learning and memory.

Pre-requisites: Having taken a college biology course is highly recommended. ‘Introduction to the nervous system’ is also recommended, but not required.

This course aligns with the Neurological Disorders Unit 1: Got Brains? What do our brains need to do?  and lesson 3 (“Should animals be used in scientific research?”) of  Unit 5: How do our choices change our brains? of the Great Diseases high school curriculum  

Affiliated With:

  • School of Medicine - Public Health & Professional Degrees