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Course Description

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are changing many industries. It's not just for developers – everyone needs to know a bit about AI/ML. This course has two parts: learning about AI/ML and learning how to use it in Middle and High School STEAM classes. During the course, participants will engage in hands-on robotics activities using AI. No prior robotics experience is required. 

Here's what you'll study:

  1. Understanding AI/ML: You'll learn about AI/ML and how it developed over time.
  2. Using AI/ML in Projects: See how AI/ML can be used in cool projects for Middle and High School classes.
  3. Ethical Discussions: We'll talk about the good and bad of AI/ML and what developers should think about when making new systems
  4. Personal Projects: You'll get time to work on your own projects and meet your own goals.

Basic Enrollment Requirements: Unofficial Transcript - Bachelor's + 2.75 GPA; Course requires access to students in a professional setting (teacher or otherwise)

Instructor Approval: Requires completion of a very short questionnaire about your teaching experience and access to students.

Refund Policy: The refund policy for Courses at Tufts offerings is dependent on the offering type: whether the offering is a course, workshop or short course, or in-demand offering. Please refer to the section details to confirm the type of offering as well as any exceptions to the standard refund policy. The refund policies for each offering type are viewable here:

Remission Eligible: Not eligible

This is an online/virtual asynchronous course that has no fixed meeting pattern and gives students the flexibility to interact with course content on their own schedule; some asynchronous courses may include required sessions and/or proctored exams at specific times. For more information about virtual course policies and expectations, please visit

Required Materials: all students/teachers must purchase or have in possession at least one of these hardware materials for the course. 

Option 1: XRP Robotics Platform:

  • Educator Discount Available: SparkFun and its partners are proud to work closely with the education community. We offer a significant discount on the XRP Robotics Platform Kit with an Educator account. Please contact to get started

Option 2: LEGO Education’s SPIKE Prime kit 

  • Use your own SPIKE Prime Kit or buy one - you do not need to buy a new SPIKE Kit if you already have access to one. 
Affiliated With:

School of Engineering- Teacher Engineering Education Program