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Course Description

The course is an overview of ways in which disability, both physical and mental, is affected by, and interacts with, public health policy and practice. The course uses a multidisciplinary, public health paradigm to provide a diverse perspective on disability and public health issues. The course provides an opportunity to evaluate and understand many aspects of public health policy, politics, and social issues that affect the lives of persons with disabilities and their families, and their participation in communities and society more broadly. The major topics include but are not limited to the changing demographics and dynamics of disability, global epidemiological transitions, political levers, the measurement of disability, health and disability determinants of populations, and public health functions as applied to disability. The didactic approach will provide opportunities for students to explore the future of disability and ways in which individual, community, and policy-level interventions may improve the lives of individuals and families living with potentially disabling health conditions. This course will be conducted as a seminar and include guest speakers as available to enhance the diversity of perspectives that are presented related to disability and public health issues.

Affiliated With:

  • School of Arts & Sciences