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Course Description

An intensive introductory course primarily for prospective biology majors. General biological principles and widely used methods related to current advances in cell and molecular biology, genetics, immunology, plant and biomedical sciences.  Tufts student cannot received credit for for both BIO 0013 and ES 0011.  Recommendations: Advanced high-school chemistry and biology recommended.

Students will be examined on their knowledge of material covered in class meetings, assigned readings, and laboratory activities and their ability to solve problems that are relevant to course content.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to understand and explain the basic principles of cell structure and function, which will serve as a strong foundation for advanced Biology courses, work independently and in collaboration with others to compile, analyze, interpret, and communicate scientific data and ideas, utilize critical thinking skills and apply information to new situations in order to reach a conclusion.

Note: This is a 5 credit condensed and immersive class. You should expect to spend approximately 30-40 hours per week on coursework for this class, including lab. Please consider this when factoring in other schedule commitments during this time.