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Course Description

This course will explore the fascinating interconnections between different cultures across the globe. Students will examine how Anthropologists have made profound discoveries about the ways cultural forces, commodities, religious beliefs, and traditions “travel” across national and linguistic boundaries and how they become “hybrid” and reinvented in the process. This course on globalization will provide a foundation for understanding what Anthropologists do, what kind of research they engage in, and how they have examined the diversity of human cultural expression.

Online Course Notes: This course takes place 100% online. Tufts online courses are designed to provide high-quality, flexible, and interactive courses to Tufts and visiting students. While most online courses are offered in an asynchronous format, some courses may require webinar sessions and/or proctored exams. For more information about online course policies and expectations, please visit

Basic Enrollment Requirements: None.

Instructor Approval: Not Required.

Remission Eligible: Yes; first day of term; all university policies apply.
Refund Policy: Asynchronous Course Policy

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School of Arts & Sciences